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Hair Detox

What to do about over tired dull hair?


Let 2017 be the year that you maintain that  beautifully vibrant and glossy hair colour. Just as your body and mind needs a little time in the gym and the spa to bounce back from the demands of everyday life, your hair deserves pampering too.

Question is, how do you do this? 

L’Oréal Professionnel & Hari’s Hairdressers can help you get the boost you need with a Refuel or ReBoot service.

If you are a hairdresser, you can find our Hair ReBoot technical guide at the bottom of this article.

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Do you feel that you have a build up of colour, or your hair is beginning to look brassy?

Using Smartbond, your hairdresser can help you remove those unwanted tones. You can leave the brassiness, flat shades and brashness behind and lift the colour be it blonde highlights in brown hair or even red hair. 

PERFECT FOR: Women who have a build-up of colour or those seeking a full colour transformation.

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It’s all green juice and hot yoga, so let’s remove the dullness in your hair  add some TLC. Do you look at your hair thinking its over-partied and over-worked, leading to it looking dull due to the frenetic demands of everyday life.

Your hairdresser can help you to bring back those colours you've clearly missed, with our beautiful range of INOA and Majirel shades, or our  DIA's natural gloss effect.

Start a fresh!

PERFECT FOR: Women who would like colour booster to boost hair radiance and beautiful gloss.

REFUEL YOUR HAIR  AT YOUR LOCAL SALON - find your salon using our find a salon tool

Smartbond hair bonding kit


Naturally, both our Reboot and Refuel services use Smartbond as the essential component. Reboot being the service that has a deeper colour removal compared to Refuel. Using Smartbond helps to protect your hair whilst getting your glow back.

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Hair ReBoot Technical Guide

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