Hair Glossing 101

Everything you need to know about Hair Glossing. Achieve mirror-like shine with this in-salon exclusive colour service.

Hair gloss has been around for a while now and it’s time to talk about how this service is changing up the hair colouring world. This in-salon service does a lot more than just add noticeable radiance to your hair colour, it can also be used to fine-tune the exact shade you’re after. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about getting a hair gloss and why so many women are booking in for this transformative service. Scroll through if you want luminous, natural-looking hair, now is the time to glow!

What exactly is a hair gloss treatment?

Hair glossing can be used to alter or add radiance to any hair colour - even uncoloured hair, for mirror-like shine. It is also a blonde’s best bet to brighten their colour and eliminate brassy tones that have a habit of showing up after time. Inspired by the glow trend in beauty, this salon secret has gained considerable attention thanks to trends such as glass hair which involves using a hair gloss treatment to give hair a glass-like shine. If you’re a salon regular then you’ve likely had this service at the end of your colour appointment without even knowing it! Hair gloss is a stylists weapon to getting hair colour right, every single time.

When should you go in for a hair gloss treatment?

The pros recommend going into a salon for a hair gloss treatment 4-6 weeks after your regular colour treatment to enhance or maintain your hair colour. Typically, a hair glossing service lasts 6-8 weeks- just in time for your next salon visit! As everyone’s hair has different needs, you may need to schedule in for a gloss more or less often depending on your hair's porosity (more porous hair may need a gloss more often to keep locks looking fresh). Below, we’ve compiled 5 reasons to call up your stylist to go for a gloss, check them out!


1. Conquer dullness with hair gloss:

summer has a tendency to wreak havoc on your beloved hair colour- think: beautiful blonde balyage turned brassy from too much pool time. That’s why you should squeeze in a hair gloss treatment with your stylist before you head off for vacation, as they say, prevention is always the best cure! By sealing up the hair cuticle, hair glossing smooths the surface of your strands so that you’re left with super soft results. Hello healthy looking hair!

2. Tone or “fine-tune” your hair colour:

Stylists often use a hair gloss after a regular colour service to ensure the shade is exactly what you were after. For a cooler look, follow a fresh balayage with a DIA Light Gloss Service to create subtle, natural-looking hues, whilst bringing shine & radiance to the hair. The brass-fighting powers of a Hair Gloss treatment have been used for quite some time to brighten up any variation of blonde and leave hair feeling soft-to-the-touch.

 Hair gloss is also a sure way to seamlessly switch up your shade- golden blonde to rose gold? No problem! L'Oréal Professionnel’s Glow Service is in cool reflects to create a neutralised colour results. Suitable for all bases, Hair Glow by L’Oréal Professionnel comes in 18 intermixable shades so the options are endless. This hair gloss treatment can lift hair up to 3 tones for a subtle, yet beautiful transformation.

3. Turn up the shine voltage:

Are sleek, shiny strands on your beauty wishlist? Go in for a hair gloss treatment for your shiniest look yet! With any hair colour, shine is a must- after all, what are diamonds without their shine? For ultimate mirror-like shine, Hair Glow  comes in a clear permanent shade. This service has been developed with innovative technology that allows up to 4x more translucency thanks to specially designed balanced range of dyes and +50% more light reflection to give your hair that shine and natural glossy look you have always wanted!

4. Elevate your hair without changing your colour:

Great news for those wanting to enhance and enrich natural looking hair colour.

5. Protect and maintain your hair colour:

Getting a hair gloss treatment in between salon visits can extend the longevity of your hue, something we can all appreciate. The fading of a hair colour sets in when hair is exposed to the elements (like the sun), heat styling too often, and washing your locks too frequently. These factors, though impossible to avoid, contribute to a dull-looking hair colour. Glossing with DIA Light, an acidic tone-on-tone formula is perfect to balance the hair after a lightening process and ensure an optimal closing of the cuticle. Hair gloss is your ally in defeating the dull and bringing a faded hair colour back to its heyday.


For a glistening shine finish, remember to book in for a hair gloss treatment after your next colouring service.


Want your shiniest hair ever? Ask for Glow Service, L’Oreal Professionnel’s first translucent permanent hair colour, used to enhance, enrich or tone natural or colour treated hair. This service enhances natural tones in the hair for a cool, illuminating and translucent colour result.