What is Bronde hair?

Traditionally, brown and blonde have existed separately. On the one side, women who favour rich, natural brunette tones in their hair and on the other, blondes who prefer a lighter, brighter colour result. Indeed, both can be beautiful and throughout their lifetime, many women will find themselves switching shades. But the Bronde hair colour trend means you are no longer forced to choose between the two. The clue is in the name: Bronde is a colour technique that fuses brown and blonde, to create a flattering, sun-kissed colour result. 

If you’ve never had colour before or are afraid of too drastic a change, Bronde could be the ideal technique to try. It gives a subtle, bright, incredibly natural result so it will enhance (rather than completely change) your look. Plus, it’s incredibly low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about re-colouring regularly – just when it suits you. 

Bronde is ideally suited to warmer skin tones to enhance natural colouring and it can be very complimentary as you get older. With Bronde, blondes can enjoy an elegant colour result with added depth and dimension, whilst brunettes have their look lifted and illuminated. It’s a perfect way for brunettes to get a bit of blonde in their hair without going Platinum!

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"Bronde colour placement can be used to highlight specific facial areas. For example, it can lift and enhance the look of cheek bones or elongate the neck by adding lighter tones in this area. It’s great for enhancing or concealing!" 

Mario Charalambous, Richard Ward Hair & Metro Spa, London

How does my hairdresser create my bronde?

The technique used will depend on your natural shade to start with, but generally there are three steps. First, your hairdresser will colour your hair with a permanent or semi-permanent colour. They will start at your roots with a rich brunette, then fade out with a lighter colour as they work down the lengths of your hair. This will create a soft, natural gradation between root and tip. 

Second, they will carefully highlight thin strands with a bleach. These will be expertly placed to give those subtle blonde pieces running throughout the hair. Don’t worry: you can go as light or as subtle as you want, just ask your hairdresser in your consultation. L'Oréal Professionnel bleaches have advanced technologies, so one of our salons should have the ideal product for you. 

Finally your hairdresser is likely to finish with a toner. Toning is important as it helps leave hair feeling conditioned and gives you the exact colour you're after. This gives that contrast in colour and a beautiful Bronde look.

Bronde colour swatches

Colour my bronde

Bronde is a technique best done in salon to achieve the perfect balance for you between brunette and blonde. Often a salon will use a shade family known as Mocha. Mochas are perfect for the bronde look as they give rich, shiny looking colour with different tones and shades. The ‘Mocha’ molecule creates browns that are never too red or warm. This means if you’re naturally a dark, medium, or lighter haired client, the technology in the Mocha range will bring a different result and give you a look that works and is unique for you. Discover INOA now.

Care for MY BRONDE

Maintain your Bronde with professional haircare to help protect against colour fade and dullness. For instance, our range for coloured hair, Vitamino Color A:OX, helps maintain your hair colour radiance and protect it against natural environment aggressors that can cause colour to fade. Even washing your hair frequently and using hairdryers can take its toll on colour! The Vitamino range helps protect the hair, leaving your Bronde looking shiny and feeling salon fresh. You can also try the new Blondifier Gloss Shampoo from the Blondifier Range, designed to revive your blonde and keep your hair shiny, nourished and radiant.


Our ambassador, BAFTA award winning Eva Green, has her hair styled in loose, dishevelled waves. Flowing locks really help show off the Bronde technique: a natural style for a natural colour! 

1) Apply Tecni.ART Pli to towel dried hair, dry the hair and section hair into 6-8 pieces. 

2) Barrel tong each section and roll the hair up and pin. Then, once cool unpin each section. 

3) To give a lightest yet gleamiest ring-light effect, fun fingers through the curls and spray Tecni.ART Ringlight Pure to finish.