All About Purple Shampoo

We look closer at the trend in order to answer all your questions about using purple shampoo or purple toner in your haircare routine.

Purple shampoo and purple toner have become popular haircare trends for anyone with brass-free blonde, grey or white hair. Here, we look closer at the trend in order to answer all your questions about using purple shampoo or purple toner in your haircare routine.

Why should I use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo has been designed to combat the development of brassy tones in the hair. When hair is lightened (blonde, platinum, grey etc.), the colour treatment breaks down and covers the natural melanin pigments in the hair fibre. Over time, however, these darker pigments can begin to show through and, when combined with blond or grey colour, can produce an unwanted orange/yellow hue known as brassiness. This brassy tone also makes the hair look dull, because it doesn't reflect the light as well as cool or neutral lighter shades. This explains why brassy hues are associated with lacklustre, unhealthy-looking hair.

How does purple shampoo work?

The idea is simple, but understanding purple shampoo involves knowing the colour wheel. Why? Take a look and you'll see that opposite from yellow/orange lies purple. This means that when purple tones are applied over brassiness, instead of turning the hair purple, they actually neutralise the unwanted orange hues and revive the hair's cool or neutral blond/grey/white tones. As a result, the hair not only restores its desired colour, but it looks healthier and shinier too, as the light reflects off the cool-toned fibre.

Silver shampoo, purple shampoo and purple toner: what's the difference?

This is a common question clients ask their stylists. When it comes to silver and purple shampoo, there isn't a difference. Some call this colour-balancing haircare "silver shampoo" because of the cool glossy tones it provides, whereas others say "purple shampoo" due to the colour of the product. 

When it comes to purple toner however, there is a difference. While silver and purple shampoo are designed to cleanse hair like a regular shampoo (but with added colour correction), purple toner is a colouring treatment specifically designed to restore tone imbalances. The finished effect depends on how long the toner is left on the hair: from subtly neutralised tones to completely revitalised and refreshed blond/grey/white hair.

Purple shampoo for blonde hair

If you have noticed a few brassy tones developing in your blond hair, or if you would rather prevent them emerging at all, simply upgrade your haircare to a collection designed to protect your colour and revive those neutral or cool tones you started off with. The new Blondifier from the Serie Expert range is enriched in Polyphenol present in the açai berry extract, which provides nourishment and helps to smooth damaged hair. See our Guide To Blonde Hair Shades for more information on how to care for blonde hair.

How to keep grey and white hair shiny

Whether your grey/white hair is natural or not, one of its most striking qualities should be its radiant shine. But if some unwanted tones such as yellow and/ or dullness have crept in, the best solution is to use a silver shampoo, aka purple shampoo, designed specifically for your hair colour's luminous needs.

The Silver Shampoo from Serie Expert is ideal for very light, white and grey hair colour – one of this season's most popular hair colour trends. It contains deep purple pigments and magnesium that neutralise any hint of brassiness, and enhance vibrant colour shine and silkiness. For the perfect lightweight treatment to provide softness and shine. Learn more about grey hair care and toning tips here.  

How do I use purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo is so effective at neutralising unwanted tones that you only need to use it once a week to see a difference. Use as you would a regular shampoo, paying particular attention to the sections showing brassiness or dullness. For hair that is very brassy or discoloured, leave on for up to four minutes then rinse off and follow with a conditioner suited to your hair type and needs.

Bye-bye brassy hair and hello beautiful blonde, silver and white thanks to purple shampoo and purple toner!

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