Hair Bronzing

The make-up inspired hair colour trend for spring/summer

Hair Glow Vs Hair Gloss

if you don’t know your hair glow from your hair gloss, you’ve come to the right place. As the haircare world is constantly evolving with new trends being introduced everyday, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily for you we’ve created the only guide you need to read about these two salon-exclusive services, to determine exactly what each treatment can do for your locks. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about hair glow vs hair gloss, and say hi to beautifully shiny colour results today.


Hair Glow vs Hair Gloss: How do they differ?


First things first, the biggest difference between a hair glow service and a hair gloss service [HS2] comes down to how each service works and the end results you can expect. To make things easier, we’ve broken each service down:


Hair bronzing: complementary tones for everyone

Just as bronze make-up can showcase your tan, your hair colour can do the same. Hair bronzing can be super subtle, and is easy to grow out if you choose. It’s also ultra-flattering and can be applied to natural or coloured hair. The new, limited edition Le Hair Bronzing colour palette comes in 8 shades of shimmery bronze-inspired shades, across three of L’Oréal Professionnel’s most iconic hair colour ranges.

Each shade has several tone levels – perfect for a unique colour creation to suit your skin tone and preferences. As Elle Magazine describes, “whether your base colour is fair, medium or dark, the delicate shades, boosted in reflecting agents, bring warmth and interest to all shades of hair, enhancing your colour, instantly softening the skin tone and illuminating both the hair and face.” (Elle magazine, “Bronze-haired beauties”, February 2019).

8 trendy colour options for hair bronzing

Top 3 ways to bronze your hair

Just as with make-up, there are different ways your stylist can use colour to create the ideal hair bronzing look. Take these three suggestions, for example, which all give very different results.

1. Single-shade subtle bronzing balayage

If you aren’t looking for a dramatic change, and enjoy the hair colour you have already, you can still use hair bronzing to subtly lift your look with a bronze balayage. Depending on your base colour, your hair stylist will choose one shade from the hair bronzing palette that is very close to your current colour, and apply it to the lengths and ends.
The end result is very discreet for two reasons: 1. The new colour is so close to your current one that it doesn’t stand out, and 2. Starting colour application from a few inches down the hair means you won’t get visible root regrowth.

2. Multi-tonal contrasts with 2 shades

If, however, you’d like your new look to be subtle while still noticeable, you can ask your colourist to use two shades from the hair bronzing palette. These two shades, can create a stunning multi-dimensional result.

3. Shimmering highlights and lowlights

Looking to really show off a new colour combination and update your entire look? Try the full effect of hair bronzing! Just as expert make-up artists can use contouring techniques to best flatter your features, your hairstylist can use light and dark colours on your hair to do the same. This is where colour creativity can be really fun!
For example, think of a warm coppery base of sunstone bronze interspersed with light golden strands created using our Blond Studio range. The darker base acts as a shadow that draws attention to your facial contours, while the lighter tones do the opposite – bringing radiance to specific parts of the face such as the eyes, forehead and cheeks.
With so many hair bronzing options available, why not try this trend for the warm spring/summer months!