How to colour hair

The best hair colouring result will always be achieved when in the hands of a professional colourist.Thanks to their expertise, your colourist is able to choose the perfect hair colour for you, depending on your natural eye colour and complexion.

Hair Colour and Personal Style

Your personal style and taste is also important and something you can discuss with and show to your colourist before choosing a colour.

A quick tip is to consider the hue of your natural colouring and see whether you have a warm or cool complexion.
So ask your colourist for help during your consultation.

A new generation of hair colour in salon

When colouring your hair at one of our partner salons, you can expect a perfect colour for you and your style, and also the highest technology when it comes to protecting and empowering your hair, leaving it looking healthy, strong and full of shine.

Taking care of your hair's condition is also one of your colourist’s priorities and can be achieved with our INOA range, an ammonia-free and odorless permanent hair colour that gives hair a sublime shine and deep reflects.