Brunette Hair Colour Shades

Choose your perfect brunette hair colour

Whether you're already brunette, but want to try a different shade, or you're transitioning from blonde, the shades of brunette hair colour can provide a wealth of options, ensuring there's no excuse not to find the ideal brunette shade!

Shades of brown hair colour

Thinking about moving over to the dark side, but unsure about the best brunette hair colour shades for your hair and skin tone? Look no further: we're here to explain the different shades of brunette, as well as how you can get creative with different colouring techniques such as balayage for brunettes.

When it comes to brunette hair colour shades, there are far more than you might think, which is why a shades of brown hair colour chart can be a useful way of comparing colours, especially if you are hesitating over several different brown hair colours

Shades of brunette: how to choose from different brown hair colours

Firstly, what does brunette mean? In fact, it’s just the French word for "brown" but the word “brunette” sounds more appealing, so we use it instead when it comes to hair colour shades!

Looking for a warm brown hair colour or dark brunette hair shade? Rich, darker colours can add volume, thickness and shine to your hair, as well as giving warmth to the complexion and accentuating your eyes. Light brown hair shades are also highly popular: cooler shades of brown – such as beige blonde – have been big hits on the red carpet and catwalks this season. Try our virtual hair colour try on tool, to discover your next brunette hair colour, and which shades suit you.  

Hair colour shades and skin tone: find your best match

The most important step to finding your dream brown hair colour is to ascertain your skin tone, which has nothing to do with its colour. 

If your skin looks better against silver, and your veins are mostly a blue colour, it's likely you have a cool-toned complexion. If, however, gold brightens your face and your veins are more of a green shade, you most likely have warm tone to your skin. Of course, there's always a middle ground, and those lucky enough to have neutral-toned skin can wear a variety of
different brown hair colours.


Popular brunette hair colour shades

Here are some examples from the shades of brown hair colour, which range from light brown hair shades to dark brunette hair colours:

Melted caramel for warm skin tones

It's all about complementing your skin tone when it comes to finding your perfect warm brown hair colour shade. The most flattering browns for warm undertones are those with red and/or orange undertones such as caramel, honey brown, russet and copper.

Iced coffee for cool skin tones

For naturally cool skin tones, certain shades really brighten the complexion. Cool coffee, dark brunette hair tones, dark auburn and chestnut brown, or a light ash brown shade if you don't aren’t sure about shades of dark brown hair, are all winners for a cool complexion.

If you're unsure about which of the different brown hair colours will suit you, or if the numbers on the shades of brown hair colour chart are confusing, ask your professional stylist, who may suggest you opt for the semi-permanent, natural-looking shades e.g. DIA hair colour collection - perfect for trying out new shades of brunette without the commitment!

Glow hair colour for brunettes

For an extra dimension to your brunette hair and halo-like shine, a glow hair colour service will help neutralise warm tones and boost cool reflects. A permanent hair colour designed to give you translucent and and enhance colour shine for natural-looking results. 

Get creative with brown hair

Finding the best brunette hair colour shades isn't necessarily about one single all-over colour. These days there are a multitude of hair colouring techniques that enable professional hair stylists to create unique combinations of colour that flatter every face.

Multi-tonal hair colour techniques

You know that effortless "I woke up like this" look typically associated with Parisian woman? Well, now it's possible to channel your French Girl Hair goals with L'Oréal Professionnel La French multi-tonal colouring techniques. 

Your colourist could also apply a subtle blend of brunette shades with lowlights and highlights using on-trend expert techniques such as contouring, draping, micro-balayage or foils depending on your desired look.

Shades of brown hair colour to update your look

You want to update your look with the season, but aren't looking for a complete change of colour? Give your brown hair a seasonal boost with the most flattering hair colour techniques. 

Bronzer is one of the professionals' most popular styles come autumn and winter, where subtle coppery sections are blended seamlessly into the hair. The face looks instantly more radiant, catching the light with every movement.

For the warmer months, brunettes can let their hair down and inject some summer fun into their locks using the French Browns hair colour collection by Majirel. Still ultra-subtle, they can be used to add light brown babylights, create a refreshing cool ash shade, or as part of a summery balayage using different brunette hair colour shades.

Don't forget to take care of your brunette hair colour by using a tailored haircare routine. The Vitamino Color shampoo and conditioner protect hair and infuse shine. Keep the brunette shade you love for longer!


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