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Bespoke Professional Haircare for perfect Salon Hair Everyday

Serie Expert has been delivering professional haircare solutions since 2000, with exclusive formulas and active ingredients for all hair needs.

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Serie Expert has been delivering professional hair care solutions since 2000, with exclusive formulas and active ingredients for all hair needs.

Serie Expert Perfect Salon Hair Everyday


In 2017, Serie Expert reinvented itself and turned a new page in its history with new redesigned packaging that is more premium and environmentally-friendly.

We used the opportunity to improve our environmental footprint with more environmentally-friendly packaging and now, over 50 tonnes of plastic is saved every year.

Because each woman’s hair is unique, differing according to several criteria: hair type, past treatment and beauty routines, Serie Expert can meet different needs and desires of each person.

Talk to your stylist for advice on the perfect range for your hair.

Say goodbye to brass Silver

Matals by Majirel

Perfect for light blonde, white or silver hair. The Silver range from Serie Expert is pigmented- meaning it can beat brassy tones that appear by neutralising them. Say goodbye to brass!



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    in salon only

    Before each powermix your stylist will analyse your hair routine and expectations before recommending your bespoke hair treatment for perfect salon hair everyday.

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    in salon only

    Serie Expert has 14 dedicated ranges with our very best high precision professional results supported by advanced L’Oréal technologies to treat every hair type and need.

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    in salon only

    Powermix : our new intensive personalised treatments selected and prepared before your eyes. With our newest freshly made treatment, your hair is instantly magnified by a flash of shine and incredible softness.

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