How To Prevent Brassy Hair



What Is Brassy Hair?

Brassy hair is a common concern for those with coloured blonde hair. Brassy tones are when lightened hair develops yellow/orange tones and cancels out bright blonde tones, ashy toners, and white blonde colour. Here we’re looking at how to keep your cool as a blonde and prevent your hair colour from turning brassy using silver shampoo and conditioner. Plus keep reading for some top tips on preventing brassy hair from the colour expert, Jaclyn Smith, from the Jo Hansford salon.


Why Does Hair Turn Brassy?

You may be wondering why your cool blonde shade has developed a brassy tinge over time. We’re here to explain the possible reasons behind this and how to prevent brassy hair tones.

  1. Your Hair Might Naturally be Brassy or Warm: although ashy tones are a popular hair colour, some of us are born with a warmer, rather than a cooler natural hair colour. If this is the case it can be easier for blonde tones to fade to brassy tones.
  2.  Your Hair might be Exposed To Chemicals or The Sun: over summer hair is exposed to potentially decolouring chemicals. Chlorine is a big cause of discoloration, as is sun exposure. If you’re beach bound this summer, we suggest arming your hair with all the best protection in order to keep brass at bay.
  3. At Home Dyes Can Cause Brassy Tones: DIY hair lightening is a big culprit for turning hair brassy. When it comes to getting, and maintaining blonde hair we high recommend going to your hair colourist so the best dyes and lighteners can be used to prevent brassy tones.


What Can Be Done At Home to Keep Brass At Bay?

In order to keep brass at bay, we asked our blonde specialist Jaclyn to give us some pointers in order to keep blonde hair looking fresh and light; as effortless as if you had just stepped out of the salon:

“The best way to keep brassiness at bay is to buy the right home care products i.e. shampoo, conditioner & masques to keep your blonde tones looking beautiful. Your hairdresser will make a recommendation during your appointment depending on the colour result you are after, the products they use & the condition of your hair.

Products you can consider include a silver shampoo or conditioner that will help keeping that kind of redish, rusty, brasiness at bay. L’Oréal Professionnel serie expert Silver Shampoo is a great example of this.” Jaclyn suggests.

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo and silver conditioner are an ideal solution to keeping brass at bay. Purple and silver shampoos work to neutralise brassy yellow tones, as purple is the opposite shade to yellow on the colour wheel. This means that purple shampoo cancels out brassiness, and brightens blondes. 


How Can Your Stylist Help You Battle Brassy Tones:

Jaclyn also told us: “protecting your hair early is better than having to deal with it when it’s too late and to protect against brassiness we recommend seeing the same colourist every time you go to the salon. Your colourist can get to know your hair & recommend the right tones for you to give the correct neutralisation of brassy tones & ensure you get the longeivtiy you want from your colour. They can also make recommendations on treatments & products to keep your blonde looking fabulous."

We also suggest asking your hair colourist for their treatment list when visiting the salon. Getting an extra hair treatment to nourish the condition of your hair can contribute massively to your overall hair condition. When hair is damaged it is easier for colour to fade faster, so in order to keep your blonde looking fresh and healthy we suggest keeping it in good condition.


Other Top Tips and Picks For Preventing Brassy Hair:

Heat Protector: using heated styling tools can damage colour over time if a heat protector is not used. Heat protectors shield your hair from high temperatures, meaning that the condition of your hair, and your hair colour is protected, and brassy hair can be prevented. Be sure to spritz thoroughly before using heated tools in order to keep brass at bay.

Sun Damage: in order to prevent the summer months getting to your hair we recommend using haircare to help protect your hair from UV damage, and from discolouring chemicals such as chlorine- two major causes of brassy hair. We love the L’Oreal Professionnel Solar Sublime range which acts as an after sun for your hair 

To maintain beautiful blonde results consult your stylist to talk about what professional haircare products and treatments are recommended to keep your blonde at its best.