Best red hair colours

Whether you are a natural redhead or keen to warm up your hair colour and looking for some inspiration and hair colour ideas, there are so many different hair colour choices for you. And what's even better is that it can all begin before you have sat in the salon chair. If you are wondering what hair colour to dye your hair, unsure what shade may suit you, want a hair colour makeover but don’t know where to start… we can help!

Style My Hair is a 3D virtual hair colour makeover app, a hair colour app that will allow you to experiment with different hair colours so you can see what you may  look like with a warm blonde or light brown balayage, a dark blonde balayage, or with a warm copper colour. Download the hair colour app today on the Google Play or App Stores and give it a go!

Red/Copper Model Back of hair


There’s never been a better time to be a redhead than right now! We couldn’t be happier - it is after all one of the most sexy, vibrant, fun and impressive hair colours out there. 

Red hair can vary so much! It can be the fieriest of tones, or a more subtle and soft shade. You can tailor your shade to your skin tone with balayage or a freehand technique. But one thing is for sure - if you are going red, make sure you use nothing but the best hair colours to help prevent fade or washed out and patchy reds.

Red hair model with side parting


That’s why we offer several hair colour ranges specifically designed for redheads. Together with our talented hairdressers we want to make sure that you're happy and excited about your new red hair shade - every single time.

 Check out the vibrant red hair dyes in the MAJIROUGE range, or the more seductive and deep tones in the INOA CARMILANE REDS range if you are after a more natural look with little commitment. Ask your hairdresser for a DIA RICHESSE speedy makeover!