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Browse our collection of hair care advice articles created in partnership with our partner hairdressers and industry experts.

Welcome to our hair care advice page, where you’ll find a selection of posts that we’ve curated to help you and whatever hair questions you might have...

Suffering from frizz and flyaways? Find out if the quality of your hair is due to split ends, dryness or damage. Have you noticed your hair thinning recently? There are several reasons this could happen, not just the ageing process. Scalp issues? Flaky and oily scalp concerns are more common that you’d think. The answers to these frequent questions, and more, are just a click away!

Have you heard about a new kind of hair product, but unsure if you should include it in your haircare or styling routine? This is also the place where you’ll find concise explanations: from on-trend products such as hair oils and serums, to colour-related haircare like silver shampoo.

Not only do our advice posts offer explanations as to why your hair could be suffering from a specific concern, but we also suggest ways that you can treat the issue, as well as expert hair styling tips and the best products to help you get beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

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