Best Hair Care For Blonde Hair

To get the most out of your golden locks, it's important to find the best hair care for blonde hair. Because lightening your hair can leave it fragile, haircare should be intensely nourishing without weighing the fibre down or dulling its brilliant shine. Here are our top beauty hacks for taking care of blonde hair!

Born blonde? Showcase your natural colour

While many people are born blonde, this usually turns darker as we get older, so if you're a natural blonde – you're a rare breed! This means you should value your natural hair colour, and ensure that you're showing it off under its best light.
"Light" really is the key word here. Because of its colour, healthy blonde hair naturally reflects the light, as opposed to dark hair which absorbs it. This reflected light gives the impression of shine and volume. However, because blonde hair fibres are thinner than darker-coloured hair, they can quickly weaken, becoming brittle and dull.

The recommended way to restore hair to its full healthy glossiness is by using tailored haircare for blonde hair. This involves washing with shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for blonde hair, complemented by a hair mask whenever your locks need extra support. You can further boost the shine of your natural blonde hair by using a serum or hair oil such as Mythic Oil Original. A few drops smoothed down the lengths and ends give immediate shine and nourishment without making the hair look or feel greasy.

Coloured blonde hair? Treat it right

It's thought that one in three women dye their hair a shade of blonde, from white platinum to golden honey and all hues in-between. However, the lighter you decide to take your hair, the more strain you put your hair under. 

Why? Because, in order to lighten the core of the hair fibre, the ingredients in hair dye formulae have to lift up the protective cuticles. The more you colour your hair, or more intense the process, the weaker these cuticles become. Cuticles that do not lie flat along the strand of the hair give the fibre a dry, brittle effect, and are less able to retain moisture due to increased porosity. Using the right hair care for blonde hair, is therefore especially essential for blonde coloured hair. Hair treatment for blonde damaged hair exists in all manner of formats, but our favourite is the in-salon Powermix treatment, a unique and intensive mask, mixed by your hairdresser and tailored to your hair's exact needs.

Hair care for blonde hair: professional tips

When it comes to taking care of blonde hair, there are several questions that hairdressers get asked all the time. Here's what the professionals have to say...

What shade of blonde will suit me best?
From striking silver to discreet golden highlights, going blonde isn't a simple decision, which is why it's important you talk to a colourist before taking the plunge. It all depends on your natural skin tones (warm, neutral or cool), whether you want to make a statement or subtly lift your colour, and of course the cut itself. A pro will know the best colour for you, and will be able to recommend the most appropriate hair care for blonde hair newbies. If you are not sure whether blonde hair would suit you, try our Virtual Hair Colour Tool, Style My Hair. 

Should I colour at home or in-salon?
In-salon, no hesitation! Going blonde in particular requires professional expertise, not only when it comes to choosing the right shade, but also with regards to the application time and method. Why settle for a so-so shade of DIY blonde when you could have exactly the right colour (or even better than you'd imagined) without damaging your hair, done by a professional?

Why does my blonde hair look brassy and how can I get rid of the unwanted tones?
Blonde hair can turn brassy, with orange/yellow hues, due to tonal imbalance. Often the result of at-home colouring, brassiness can also be made worse by the sun, sea, mineral build-up and colouring hair over the top of a previous dyed shade. To keep brassiness at bay, use Blondifier Cool Purple Shampoo to neutralise yellow tones. For very light-haired blondes, try washing your hair with L'Oréal Professionnel Silver Shampoo, formulated to neutralise unwanted yellow tones and enhance colour shine for very light blonde or silver hair. 

Showcase your golden tresses by treating them with the haircare they deserve!