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Colour Correction

Ask your colourist for your bespoke hair colour correction with Majirel

Colour texture with styling tools and colour tube

What is hair colour correction?

After contouring, strobing, hair colour correction is the new trend born in make-up. Colour correction refers to a set of techniques that uses the basis of colour theory to 'correct' unwanted colours or enhance original colours. It’s no longer simply about fixing a colour that has gone wrong, it’s also about reviving hair that’s dull and uniform, and giving it a new radiance with touches of shine and light; the same way a make-up artist can make a woman’s skin tone appear more beautiful.

Inspired by subtle make-up techniques, colour correction is an ultra-personalised colour service aimed at answering the most desired hair needs. Only your hair colourist can make the right diagnosis selecting the perfect colour palette for your skin tone to complement your features, much like a make-up artist would do.

Blonde model smiling with man with ginger beard

Who is hair colour correction for?

Hair colour correction first and foremost is a solution designed specifically in response to all frustrations and problems voiced most frequently by women. Phrases often heard entering a hair salon include ‘My hair colour lacks intensity, it’s too dull, it doesn’t last’‘My colour lacks radiance and shine’‘My colour is too flat, there’s not enough depth, not enough contrast, it’s dreary’ ‘My ends are too dark, my roots are too light’‘My hair colour is too warm, it’s turning yellow, red, orange!’

3 Tailor-made Services

Inspired by make-up, colour correction is an ultra-personalized colour service aimed at answering all these women’s hair needs. There 3 types of colour correction:

Hair Stylist Styling brunette woman's hair

Lacking of Shine?

#MYFLASHLUMINIZER brings an extra shot of shine to the hair; the perfect pick me up for dull and lifeless looking hair colour.

The Technique

Your hairdresser will add a few subtle touches of glittering gold colour to frame the face throughout the front sections of the hair and illuminate the overall result by lightening areas of the hair in the same way a make-up artist adds touches of light to the face.

Blonde model having hair styled

Brassy colour?

#MYREFLECTSNEUTRALIZER is the ideal service to get rid of brassiness and unwanted yellow reflects to add dimension and restore natural looking hair.

The Technique

Adjust your hair dresser will add brassy colour and unwanted copper and yellow reflects by neutralising with cool shades.

Brunette model with wavy hair being styled

Flat hair colour?

#MYCOLORSCULPTOR gives more depth and dimension to the hair by creating different elements of light and shadow.

The Technique

Your hairdresser will apply a global colour to the roots with a subtle blend of reflects through the lengths and ends in alternate sections to give more volume and to sculpt your hair.

  1. Brunette model with long wavey hair



    Try our service to bring an incredible shot of shine to your colour.

  2. Blonde model with long hair



    This is the ideal service to get rid of brassiness. Perfect for blondes and brunettes alike.

  3. Woman with shoulder length brunette hair



    This is the perfect service for multi-dimentional hair colour results.

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Woman with shoulder length brunette hair

Colour Correction

Colour Correction Technical Guide