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[Absolut Repair Molecular]

Reinforces hair structure1.



Reinforces hair structure1.

    • Restores strength, elasticity and movement2.
    • Deep penetration, instant transformation.

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[Hair cuticle]
Amino acid

What happens to your hair when damaged?

When hair is damaged, its molecular structure composed of peptides is compromised.
Hair becomes weak, too elastic, with a lack of movement.

Absolut Repair Molecular
Absolut Repair Molecular

Why can this damage become irreversible ?

Most peptides are too big to be reinjected into the fiber, making damage almost irreversible.

Why is Absolut Repair Molecular the best solution ?

For the first time, the L’Oréal Advanced Research team successfully managed to decompose peptides, to inject their components, amino acids & peptides bonder, separately into the fibre. Once inside, they reform and strengthen the molecular structure of the hair1.
With this patented tech, molecular hair structure is reinforced1 with up to 97% more strength2.

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Strengthen your hair's molecular structure1.

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Luxurious texture that cleanses, detangles and delivers a high level of care to the fibre. Hair is stronger1 and smoother.


Rinse-off serum.

Highly concentrated tech inspired by skincare serums that deeply penetrate the fibre to strengthen its molecular structure1 with no superficial coating and restores hair’s original strength1, elasticity & movement2.


Leave-in mask.

Lightweight texture that brings smoothness to the fibre and protection against external aggressions, with a natural touch. Heat protection up to 230°C1.
Up to 97% more strength1.


Strengthen hair's molecular structure1.

Restores strength, elasticity & movement2.

Up to 97% more strength3

Rebuilds hair molecular structure4.

More than surface repair, inner molecular repair. Highly concentrated tech that goes beyond regular masks and reinforces hair’s molecular structure1.

Deep penetration.

Serum-like texture inspired from skincare serums that deeply penetrates to repair hair from within with no superficial coating.

Instant transformation.

Rebuild hair molecular structure. Deep penetration & instant transformation. For damaged hair.

How to use Absolut Repair Molecular?

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