Patented technology 1

[Metal Detox]

New pre-colour treatment
before any colour, balayage
& lightening

When excess metals in hair interact with oxydants, this can cause unreliable colour results & breakage during colour services. After using Metal Detox, colour results are bright, clean and true to tone, plus there is 87% less breakage risk.*
Can be used with other colour and lightener brands.

1 Combing test. Pre-treatment, shampoo and masque vs classic shampoo on bleached hair



Our pre-treatment is enriched with 10% Glicoamine.

Charlotte Feltin.

Head of L'Oréal Haircare Laboratories

Thanks to our collaboration with the loannina University, we indentified a perfect molecule: Glicoamine.
it is the only active agent small enough to trap and neutralize metal inside the fiber.
Fiber integrity is preserved and the oxidant gets to fully do its job.


[Metal Detox]

3-step protocol
in salon.

  • 1

    Before colour, balayage or lightening.
    Helps neutralise excess copper.

  • 2
    Cleansing Cream Shampoo
    Professional SHAMPOO.

    Cleanses hair after the service.

  • 3
    deposit protector

    Helps prevent new particles from coming back.


[Metal Detox]

2-step protocol
at home.

  • 1
    Cleansing cream shampoo
  • 2
    protector mask.

[Metal Detox]

By pros
for pros.

Charlie Le Mindu,
Hair Designer


[Metal Detox]

Excited about trying out this range? Hear from some of your fellow pros on why they believe it's a true game changer.

Adam Reed.


One of the most exciting things to come into the salon in the past 10-15 years.

"Innovation always excites me, but being able to take this into the salon and see the massive difference it will make on clients hair is probably one of the most exciting things to come into the salon in the past 10-15 years"

It's going to give improved condition, shine and results.

"I think my clients are going to be so excited to try this, they are always on the lookout for the next best thing and I really do think Metal Detox is this. Its going to give improved condition, shine and results"

Anna Short.

Senior Colour Director, Daniel Galvin.

Metal Detox

Metal Diagnosis on Style My Hair Pro

Discover the new Style My Hair Pro feature. You'll be able to identify the metal exposure risk profile of your clients.

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