[French Balayage Pearls]

Seamlessly blended. Perfectly neutralised.

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French Balayage Pearls desktop


The professional 2-step technique for dimensional, luminous & pearly effects.

Blonde/Pink French Balayage Pearls model

What is a balayage?

The Balayage technique focused on hand painting the lightening tone to your hair for a unique precision and allows your hair to grow out more seamlessly. It can be as subtle as a sun kiss or a more intense brighter blonde popping around your face. For best results your stylist will tone the hair with a bespoke shade after lightening your hair.

What is a Pearl Balayage?

French Balayage Pearls is our professional 2-step technique:

  1. 1

    Lighten with Blond Studio

    Hand-painted lightened sections illuminate your hair with a focus on the mid lengths and ends, hair colour looks seamless and can be as light or as natural as you want.

  2. 2

    Tone with Dia Light

    Your stylist will create a bespoke colour with selected shades from the Dia light portfolio and apply over the lightened pieces. This will create perfectly luminous reflects, an ultimate shine finish and up to 30% more conditioned hair.1

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French Balayage Pearls before and after

Pearls are for everyone.

[Curly/coily hair]
Blended from the ends up to enhance natural curl pattern.
[Straight/wavy hair]
Seamless lightened pieces with a pop of extra lightness around the face. Hair will grow out naturally.
[Mature Hair]
Seamless colour for sensitised hair, seamlessly blending in white/grey hair.
[Short hair]
Lighten shorter hair for a summer look, customisable for any length.

Boost your balayage with
[Metal Detox]

The perfect balayage partner

Up to 97% less breakage.¹

Up to 2x shinier hair.¹

1 Instrumental test on Metal Detox range, 2023.

Hero image with the Metal Detox shampoo and mask

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