Everything to know about  Glass Hair

What is glass hair & how can you get it? 

Glass hair is light reflective, polished and shiny. Discover what it is and how to get it in salon. We’re also covering how you can turn up the shine voltage at home, with the right products. Keep it shiny, silky and soft with glass hair made easy.

What is glass hair?

A quick cursory glance on the internet will probably bring you to pages about glass hair being a certain type of symmetrical haircut (usually a bob) that makes your hair look shiny. But we’ve got to ask, what’s really making your hair look glass-like? To acquire a glass-like shine to your hair for a polished and dimensional look, it takes more than a skilled haircut. Behind the scenes there are two in-salon services you could have to make your glass hair dreams a reality - a hair gloss treatment, or a high-shine translucent colour service. 

Book a consultation with your colourist to start your journey to glass hair. They'll be able to give you the inside scoop on gloss treatments and glow treatments, two services that are essential to achieve glass hair. 

How to get glass hair?

Option 1: Glass Hair Colour

With L’Oréal Professionnel’s Hair Glow, you’ve got the first translucent permanent colour to get a neutralised, long-lasting finish that provides extreme luminosity- making it possible to shine bright like a diamond. Inspired by the glow movement in the makeup and skincare world, a glow service is about taking it back to basics for subtle, natural-looking glass hair with a beautiful translucent shine to the hair. It is boosted in cool reflects to create a neutralised colour result, and is suitable for all bases. With its 18 intermixable shades, you get up to 3 levels of lift to create a multi-tonal result, ideal for those who are serious about adding permanent shine. This service also adds 4x more transluscency and + 50% more light reflection for extreme luminosity.  

Glow hair colour creates a translucent and soft hue that speaks volumes, turning up the shine for a subtle covering of colour. The light shades are formulated to neutralise yellow undertones, while the dark shades are used to counteract any orange or red undertones. The glow service is the answer to achieving natural looking results and luminous shine. And finally, in case you needed another reason to use a glow service to achieve glass hair, it’s a low maintenance way to keep your colour looking natural, all in one quick salon appointment.

Option 2: Hair gloss treatment

This semi-permanent colour service is applied 4-6 weeks after your colour appointment (fitting in nicely between services) to maximise the longevity of your shade. It enhances, enriches and tones natural or colour-treated hair for a high-shine result. Typically used on blondes, it helps to brighten and tone dull or brassy colour- working to neutralise any unwanted shades that may appear. Additionally it also adds shine while providing intense care for your hair, leaving it looking soft and beautiful.

Option 3: High Shine Finishing Spray 

Adding glass-like shine to your tresses doesn’t end in the salon chair, and the answer lies in a nifty little styling spray called Tecni.Art Ring Light Styling Spray . It provides the lightest finish for ultra shiny and glass hair result. Formulated without added fragrance, it adds overall shine to any look, from slicked back to casual beach waves, to formal updos, enhance any look with this game-changing (and shine-adding) spray today.

Get your hair looking shiny and lustrous with glass hair, for the most luminous results out there!

How to Glass hair

model facing forward with very straight shiny hair

Glass-like shine with Steampod 3.0

Achieve a Glass Hair look when straightening your hair with this Steampod 3.0.


Step 1: Prepare the hair 

Apply steam activated cream on damp hair.
Blow-dry with hair dryer or diffuser.

Step 2: Section and straighten hair

Divide your hair in sections to work with. Comb if necessary. 
Place each section in the middle of the Steampod plate. 
Glide slowly, arrows facing downward. Keep the movement slow and close to your face to reduce the volume.
Repeat on all sections.
Tip: for easier straightening, guide tool with both hands. 

Step 3: Apply Hair Serum 

Apply hair serum to lengths for shine an humidity protection.