We explain how you can prevent discolouration and damage, and get the most out of your silver locks.

Love your grey: how to find the best silver hair toner

Over the years, our hair gradually turns grey due to a loss of pigment caused by our genes. The melanin-producing cells eventually stop, and when this happens the next hair to grow out of the follicle is white or grey. Once a certain follicle produces a white hair, it will never again produce a coloured hair because it no longer has the necessary colour-producing cells.

This new grey hair often has a coarse, dry texture. This can be due to a reduction in sebum production on the scalp (so fewer natural oils to moisturise the hair shaft), or the result of pulling out grey hairs which then distorts the shape of the follicle (causing wiry new hair to grow).

Some find their new grey hairs are thinner and more fragile instead, with less natural volume. The scalp can also become visible due to thinning. Fine hair is particularly prone to breakage and split ends. These different textures affect how to choose the right hair care for grey hair.

Why use a silver toner on grey hair?

When it comes to growing grey hair, we don't have much choice about the shade that emerges (white, darker grey, silver etc.) but there are steps that can be taken to prevent the unwanted tones and discolouration that can occur such as yellowing or dullness. The answer: a silver toner for hair, either in shampoo format or as an in-salon service.

But isn’t silver toner hair dye? While silver toner shampoo contains colour pigments, it does not permanently dye the hair. Silver hair toner is a popular option when it comes to showcasing your grey. Instead, a blue pigment is used to neutralise yellow undertones. Gradually, your hair stylist can reduce the colour pigment at each application, smoothly easing you into an all-grey look thanks to a silver toner for hair.

How does a silver hair toner shampoo work?

Aptly named the Silver Shampoo from the Serie Expert Silver collection, this gentle but effective formula not only cleanses the hair like any shampoo, but also neutralises any unwanted brassiness or yellowness thanks to its deep purple tones. This shampoo/silver toner for hair is just as effective on grey hair as it is on platinum and other light blonde shades which can suffer from the same brassy tones. Use it as you would a normal shampoo: apply, massage (leave on according to instructions) and rinse, then follow with the Neutralising conditioner.

A common concern for those with natural or coloured grey hair is a lack of shine. To turn your colour from drab grey into a silver sensation, the answer could be through using a silver hair toner shampoo.

Silver toner for brown hair? Why not. You could use a silver toner on brown hair to remove any yellow tones, or to refresh the cool tones (for example on ash brown or cool cocoa shades). Dark silver hair toner should be used on dark shades, not light blondes.

Silver toner for hair: top tips

How to prevent damage to grey hair Fine grey hair can quickly become damaged, especially when heated styling tools are involved. Ensure you're using a gentle hairbrush – natural boar bristles are a good option – and always apply heat protection before blow-drying and styling.

How to make grey hair shiny

Coarse grey hair doesn't reflect the light well, so it can look dull and feel dry, whereas fine grey hair can also appear lacklustre due to its reduced surface area. The Metal Detox range offers protection against breakage and unwanted green tones, as well as adding shine and softness.

How to find your perfect grey/white shade

Ask your hairdresser about our latest colour service, inclusive of grey/white hair to enhance your natural colour, as well as add luminous and pearly effects. Explore French Balayage Pearls today!

Love and cherish your silver mane using the best hair care for stunning silver hair!