The Concept of Gloss

Hair colour trends: Customise your balayage with a hair gloss!

By simply adding a step at the end of the hair colour service in salon, the hair colourist enhances your balayage by adding a perfect shine that really helps you stand out from the crowd. Introducing: French Balayage Gloss.


The secret of French Balayage? Its Gloss!

The Balayage, this timeless hair colour technique, is one of the most popular hair colour trend. The technique involves painting sweeps down the lengths of the hair by making high and low lights for an ultra-natural looking effect. Its purpose is to create a lifted, sunkissed effect that flatters the face.

L’Oréal Professionnel is leading the balayage revolution with the iconic French Balayage thanks to its Blond Studio lightening toolbox, now complemented by a gloss with Dia Light. Any lightening service is now followed by toning to achieve the most fashionable professional result: neutralised brassy undertones, personalised colour, and of course hair with a stunning shine.


French Balayage & Gloss : not just for blondes

It’s often thought that a balayage is just for blondes. Not true ! The French Balayage & Gloss service can also be a perfect fit on brunette. You could add light on any hair colour from subtle highlights to more contrasted balayage. Besides with its complete colour palette from nude to ash or iridescent shades Dia Light is the perfect toner for Blondes & Brunettes.

Looking for a natural and luminous blond, topcoat your balayage with a pearly gloss. If you more into a subtle color hue choose the pinky gloss. You could also glaze your hair with a ashy gloss for a shiny fashion result. In other words, play with the gloss to personalize and sublimate your French Balayage!

Ask now your colorist for the French Balayage & Gloss!