All you need to know about Silver Shampoo

When hair is lightened or turns grey, its natural warm undertones are exposed, creating an undesirable yellow hue. Banish brassy tones between salon appointments and maintain your vibrant blonde or silver colour with a purple pigmented shampoo.

What is silver shampoo and what does it do?

Also known as a purple shampoo, silver shampoos like L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver Shampoo, contain a deep purple pigment that act as an anti-yellowing agent to counteract hair brassiness. This neutralises strong yellow tones in artificially blonde, grey or silver hair, helping you maintain a beautiful cool colour. In addition conditioning helps to nourish and protect the hair fibre. Using one regularly can help to keep hair colour vibrant and salon-fresh. Silver shampoo is also perfect for natural grey hair which can develop a yellow tinge from exposure to elements such as wind, rain and pollution. The shampoo can help correct this brassy colour, as well as strengthen hair fibres.


How does silver shampoo work?

It’s all about the colour theory: purple sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so when they’re mixed, they off-set each other for a more neutral shade. When applied to the hair, a small amount of this purple pigment is absorbed, and the violet hues neutralise brassy undertones for a cooler colour. Depending on how long it is left on the hair, a silver shampoo can help you achieve anything from a honey blonde to a cool white shade. See our Guide To Blonde Hair Shades to understand the difference between warm, cool and neutral tones for blonde hair. 

Is purple or silver shampoo best for me?

With so many products on offer, it is important to know which is best for your hair colour.

Want to keep your professional, salon-fresh blonde looking perfectly clean and cool? Opt for a purple shampoo like our brightening L’Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Cool Purple Shampoo. Enriched in Polyphenol present in the açai berry extract, this light purple coloured shampoo helps to neutralise yellow tones while enhancing hair shine.

To maintain grey, white or light blonde hair between salon visits, you’ll need a stronger colour neutralisation. Off-set brassy tones and clarify your colour with our L’Oréal Professionnel Silver Shampoo, formulated with our Gloss Protect system, anti-yellowing agents and deep purple pigments. Regular use of these pigmented shampoos will maintain a radiant, professional looking hair colour.

What other grey and white hair care products are there? 

To maintain the condition of your naturally white and grey hair we have the Silver Neutralising Cream. Infused with Ceramides and Babassu oil, the Silver Neutralising Cream is the perfect lightweight treatment to provide softness & shine to your hair. Formulated with violet and blue pigments, it enhances naturally white and grey hair and counteracts any yellow undertones. 

Ask your L’Oréal Professionnel stylist for a personalised consultation to find out how often you should be using silver shampoo and how long to leave it on your hair.