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How to treat dry hair

Trying to get dry hair look healthy and shiny can be hard and frustrating. Explore the article below to learn how to combat the look of dry hair.

Want to combat dull, dry hair?

As we all know, dry hair and beautiful, shiny hairstyles don’t exactly go hand in hand!

However the task of trying to get dull and dry hair to look healthy can be made easier by implementing some simple hair care tips and the right products for dry hair to your daily beauty routine. 

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Step 1 - Infuse your hair with intense nourishment

It is fairly obvious that hair that is dry and lacking nourishment needs lots of conditioning. What's not so obvious however is what type of conditioning your hair needs.

In order to identify this you can ask your hairdresser for advice on which type of nourishment and treatments you should be using, both in-salon as well as at home. 

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Step 2 - Opt for hair care treatments enriched with oils

Some examples of oils are Argan, Avocado and Cranberry. Such products have the ability to coat the hair fiber - allowing it to feel nourished from roots to ends. The formula can also create a protective barrier on the hair, without feeling greasy or heavy, leaving hair looking and feeling nourished. Our Mythic Oil range is a great match for dry hair. It is rich in Argan and Cottonseed oil. With a complete range of shampoo, conditioner, mask and heat protection cream providing a nourishing feel while protecting the hair - your dry hair needs will be met all year round. 

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Step 3 - Seek professional help

Although at home care for dry hair might sound like an easy option, you will need some professional help from your salon experts to truly see and feel a difference in your dry hair. 

At the salon, try our Absolut Repair Lipidium range designed to leave dry and damaged hair feeling smoother and silkier without weighing it down.

  1. Bottle of Mystic Oil Shampoo for normal hair


    Step 1

    at home 2 Minutes


    Distribute evenly through wet hair. Lather. Rinse thoroughly.

  2. Tub of Mystic oil masque for normal hair


    Step 2

    at home 3 Minutes


    Mix together.Apply to clean, wet hair. Leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing out throughly.

  3. Radiance Oil Packshot


    Step 3

    at home

    Hair Oil

    Warm 1 to 2 pumps of Oil in the palms of your hands. Apply to towel-dried mid-lengths and ends before blow-drying. Plus, apply to dry hair to tame frizzy, flyaway and smooth hair.

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