How To Treat Dry Hair

Dry hair can look dull, lacklustre and flat. However, with a few simple hair care tips, techniques and the right products, you can restore its shine and volume, putting your hair back in the limelight.


Did you know that dry hair is not necessarily the same as damaged hair? Dry, dull hair can be the result of the scalp not producing enough natural oils to lubricate the scalp and hair shaft (and can often be accompanied by white flaky skin), while damage is usually caused by external elements. The most common of these the overuse of heated styling tools and processes such as relaxers or perms, the weather, and colouring too often or incorrectly. These can all damage the quality of the cuticles, and even the cortex itself, causing a loss of shine and breakages all the way down the fibre.


Dullness and a lack of vitality are usually signs of damaged hair. Why? On normal, healthy hair, the cuticles (the layers of protective scales that cover the hair fibre) lie flat over one another. This not only makes hair feel smooth and prevents tangles, but it reflects the light, making the hair appear shiny - but not greasy. When these cuticles are weakened or damaged, they do not lie smoothly, but remain coarse and upright. This prevents the light from reflecting off the hair, and leaves its cortex vulnerable. The result: dry-looking and dull hair.


We all love the shine of post-salon hair, but it can often seem like it disappears within weeks. Sometimes, unwanted tones can even develop, like brassiness (an orange hue on blond hair) or reddish undertones on brunettes. This is due to the hair's natural melanin showing through, or the breakdown of the artificial colour within the hair fiber. To prevent this, and keep your hair colour glossy and bright for as long as possible, use haircare formulated specifically for coloured hair – which will care for your colour, but still cleanse build-up.

Try  Serie Expert  Vitamino  Color for everyday colour protection and enhanced shine, or Source Essentielle Colour Radiance Balm from our natural haircare range, for colour longevity with 99% natural origin ingredients.   



A common misconception is that hair oil can make your hair look greasy. They can actually be the ideal solution for dry or dull hair. Formulas rich in oils, can also create a protective barrier for the hair, without feeling greasy or heavy, leaving it looking and feeling super shiny.  
The Mythic Oil range, rich in natural oils, is a great solution for dry hair: Its range of shampoo, conditioner, mask and heat protection cream provide a nourishing feel while protecting the hair from breakage. Or, try the Nutrifier haircare collection from Serie Expert, which contains glycerol and coconut oil extract. The range promotes high shine and moisture without weighing down the hair. To boost naturally dull hair as a result of dryness, or damaged hair, a weekly mask with natural oils is a good idea to leave hair feeling soft and moisturised. 

Dry hair takeaway tips: 

  • Your dull hair could be due to the scalp not producing enough oils, in which case use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner. If the hair is damaged due to external factors (the environment, styling, colour etc.) these issues need to be addressed:  

  • From blow-drying on a lower temperature, to wearing a hat on a sunny/windy day, or leaving your hair colour to grow out a little (visible roots are a trend now!), it's up to you to work out what's giving you dry, dull hair – and stop doing it! 

  • Haircare containing nourishing oils can help protect and nourish dry and damaged hair. 

  • Regular trims will help remove split ends, and intense masks, serums and leave-in treatments will help the hair retain moisture, flatten those cuticles, and radiate maximum shine.

    Learn more about the Steampod and how it helps prevent additional damage to the hair.