4 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Pro guide to shiny hair – how to reinject the light back into your tresses for long-lasting sheen…

When it comes to hair goals, having shiny hair is where it’s at. Shiny results make your locks look healthy, soft and full of life. It also makes your colour stand out- what more could you ask for? We’re covering the top 4 ways to get shiny hair and how to reinject the light back into your tresses for long-lasting sheen. Here’s how to get your shine on, all year round!

4 ways to get shiny hair: a pro's guide

Are you looking to add some shine to your locks, or perhaps enhance a colour that’s looking a little dull? With this foolproof 4 step plan, now you can! Here’s how:

Step 1: Add glowing colour for shiny results

When it comes to adding colour to your locks to emphasise shine, look no further than a hair glow service at your salon. Your stylist will be able to customise your colour depending on if your hair is natural or previously coloured with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Hair Glow Service  . It’s the ideal choice for a first taste of colour to enhance your natural glow.

This permanent colour service is the first translucent hair colour for a neutralised, long-lasting finish that gives you extreme luminosity and shiny hair. With 18 intermixable shades, it’s suitable for all bases, meaning you can find the right colour just for you. The light shades are formulated to neutralise yellow undertones, while the dark shades were designed to balance out any orange or red tones. Intense cool boosters can then be mixed with L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel   shades to boost neutralisation, of which there are two types. For transparency, your stylist will focus more on reflection rather than colour. If coverage is what you’re after, they’ll focus less on reflection and more on the base colour to get you the shiny results you want. This glow service provides up to 3 levels of lift for an in-depth transformation that is as striking as it is shiny. This service also gives you 50% more light reflection and 4x more transparency thanks to specifically designed balanced range of dyes. And did we mention it’s a low maintenance way of keeping your colour looking natural? Sign us up now!

Step 2: Go for gloss

A hair glossing service is another way to make shiny hair your aesthetic. It helps to extend the longevity of your hue between colour appointments, helping to neutralise the signs of fade (hello brassiness). As a semi-permanent colour service, it enhances, enriches and tones natural or colour-treated hair. Typically used on blondes, it helps to brighten your locks, while toning any dull or brassy colour that can creep in. Additionally, it also provides intense care for your hair (especially if it’s dry) giving you soft results. After all, hair can’t shine if the foundation is not healthy. It’s also possible to enhance or alter the current colour with a gloss, perfect for the colour-chameleons who love to change things up, without the damage.

To maintain or enhance your colour, opt for a gloss treatment about 4-6 weeks after your regular salon appointment. This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and will fade gradually, just in time for your next salon appointment.

Step 3: Add shine in the shower

At home, there are a number of products you can use to up the shine factor in your hair for brilliant sheen. And it starts with how you clean your locks, straight from the shower. Start with L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color Range that protects colour-treated hair from colour fade whilst boosting shine. Blonde hair? Try L'Oréal Professionnel Blondifier Gloss Shampoo, a resurfacing and illuminating system shampoo that emphasises multidimensional shine of blonde or highlighted hair, follow with Blondifer Illuminating Hair Mask, for extra nourishment and shine.

Step 4: Spritz on the shine

With your tresses cleansed and conditioned, the next step to achieve shiny hair is to add Tecni.Art Ring Light Finishing Shine Spray to your beauty arsenal, for the lightest finish and ultra shiny results. Formulated without added fragrance, a spritz of this shiny hair creator adds overall luster to any look, from slicked back to updos and ponytails, shine has no limit. Applied to dried and styled hair for a natural finish that packs a punch.

Bring back the luster to your locks with these 4 simple steps, to get shiny hair results today!

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