Serie Expert [Scalp Advanced] Shampoo for anti-dandruff

Anti-dandruff dermo-clarifier shampoo for up to 100% of visible flakes removed1


Scalp is skin, but a much more complex one.
Sebum oxidation and micro cracks on the scalp surface can create numerous issues. It's a vicious cycle and you want out.
This lightweight cream gently clarifies and effectively removes dry and oily dandruff, while calming the scalp

1Consumer test.

How to use & benefits

How to use:
Apply evenly on wet scalp and hair.
Gently lather with the softest part of the tip of your fingers until a light foam is obtained.
Rinse thoroughly.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

Pro tips:
For oily dandruff, pre-shampoo with Scalp Advanced Anti-oiliness 2-in-1 deep purifier to soft peal (extra unclogging).

Results & benefits:
Scalp Advanced Anti-dandruff Dermo-clarifier shampoo was targeted-formulated for dandruff scalps.
This lightweight cream gently clarifies and effectively removes dry and oily dandruff, while calming the scalp.
From the first applications, the appearance of visible flakes is reduced1.

1Clinical test

Unique experience with highly concentrated actives & addictive fragrance

Ultra-potent actives:
Enriched with Piroctone Olamine, suitable for dry and oily skin, antibacterial and antifungal active ingredient.

Unique experience & soothing fragrance:
Made with hair pros, approved by dermatologists: 1st co-innovation with 3 scalp pro experts - balayage and color expert.
A neutral composition, enveloped in a refreshing breeze with a clean-feeling heart and a pro-caring base.

Scientifically proven efficacy:
After only 1 use, up to 100% visible dandruff removed1 & up to 72h dandruff protection2.

1Consumer test.
2Clinical test.


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