Serie Expert [Curl Expression] Instensive Moisturiser rich mask for curly and coily hair

Intensly hydrates curls and coils while providing shine and a luxurious feel


Curl Expression intensive moisturizer rich mask is designed to treat curls and coils, the pro way.
This Rich, soft melting buttery formula gently envelops curls to ensure an intense hydration.

How to use, tips & results

How to use:
After shampoo, apply to towel-dried hair and leave on for 10 minutes.
Then, rinse thoroughly.

Pro tips:
For a luxurious feel on hair and tamed curls and coils, use this mask as it beautifully coats curls with extra shine.
Perfect for unruly curls.

Results & benefits:
An even, tamed and shiny result, with a luxurious feel.
Intensively hydrates and pre-detangles curls and coils.

Unique experience with highly concentrated actives & addictive fragrance

Highly concentrated actives:
It is highly concentrated with Glycerin 3% , Urea H & Hibiscus seed.
Glycerin is a plant-based humectant that holds onto water for long lasting hydration on driest fibers.
Urea H, naturally present in skin, has a double action of retaining hydration and reinforcing hydrolipid barrier.
Hibiscus seed, extracted from the heart of the hibiscus flower, is a super rich natural source of amino-acids and high-grade vitamins.

Unique experience:
A rich soft-melting buttery formula that envelops curls to ensure an intense hydration.

Addictive fragrance:
A memorable floral composition of star Jasmine, Orchid & Freesia on top, enveloped in a salon-like refreshing breeze with an overdose of precious cedarwoods.


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Highly concentrated actives.