Whether we’re talking fashion, beauty or hair, metallics have never been so on trend. We’ve seen models strutting their stuff down the runway in head to toe silver styles at London Fashion Week, inspiring influencers to also up the ante with some incredible metallic looks. 
L’Oréal Professionnel is ready to help you achieve these coveted looks with the launch of Majirel Metals. With five high-shine shades – including Silver Star and Pink Ash, boosted in reflects to achieve that polished metallic finish – these shades provide a glossy, reflective, on-trend colour. 

Silver Star

Majirel Metalics texture
Silver Star

Supernova Root Smudge

Striking dark metallic roots that are smudged to melt into softer gradients of colour. 

The use of, Silver Star, a silver hair shade from the new ‘Metals by Majirel’ range, can achieve a beautifully polished finish for this on-trend look.  This look is easy to dial up or dial down to achieve a shiny upgrade to propel your colour to a new, and even glossier, level.

Whether you want to stay light and go for a silver blonde tone, or go to the dark side with sultry, ashier hues, Silver Star achieves a lusciously polished finish to let your high-shine tones gleam.

Silver hair has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years due to its sheer flexibility, and with Majirel’s metallic shades, the opportunities are endless. 
New balance system between the reflect & base- increasing the reflects and decreasing the proportion of base, to achieve a visible and translucent effect. 

Majirel Metallics


.11 Silver Star (Deep Ash) – For a pastel grey look or an on-trend ash colour

.12 Crystal Ash (Ash Iridescent) – For a fashionable result with a sophisticated iridescent blend

.13 Ash Gold (Ash Golden)  – For a desirable champagne blonde

.21 Pink Ash (Iridescent Ash) – For a beautifully soft pink result, a mix of ash and iridescent

.22 Hi-Lilac (Deep Iridescent) – For a neutralising yellow and leaving a balanced iridescent hue.

Why not get the best of both worlds and go for striking, dark metallic roots, smudged effortlessly in to softer, icier gradients for a melting effect that will have everyone lusting for your hair colour. Or compliment a smoky eye with an icy, silver hair colour this winter for maximum style points, or even contrast a more natural rose look with some lilac metalights to keep your look luminous.

Speak with your colourist at your nearest L’Oréal Professionnel salon to discover endless metallic opportunities & remember to maintain your look with L’Oréal Professionnel Silver Shampoo.

Majirel Metallics

Majirel Metallics

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