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How to create a straightened hair look?

Learn how to give your curls a blow out straight look with Yolanda Abbelán. 

How to straighten 4C afro hair?

Learn how to straighten your 4C afro hair with Loretta Grace.

How to create waves on afro hair?

Learn how to create bouncy waves on your 4C afro hair with Loretta Grace.​

How to create a wavy ponytail?

Learn how to easily create a wavy high ponytail with Loretta Grace. 

How to create glam curls?​

Learn how to create glamorous curls with volume with Yolanda Abbelán. ​ 

How to create curls on a wig?

Learn how create curls on a wig with Loretta Grace.

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How to get started

Video youtube vide that explains how to use steampod


What is dry steam?

Dry steam is a kind of steam that has reached saturation temperature and is in its gaseous state, without any water particles in suspension.
Due to the steam’s low moisture content, it cannot wet hair or cause frizz.
With SteamPod 4, you can actually achieve longer-lasting hairstyles than a regular straightener's without steam or comb. 

How does dry steam help style hair?

Steam allows to accelerate the hair styling process, reducing the amount of heat needed to style the hair.

When hair is styled with steam, its exceptionally small water particles penetrate the hair fiber and break the hydrogen bonds.
This causes the keratin protein contained in the hair fiber to stretch and become flexible enough to allow for the shaping of hair, as desired.
This process reduces the amount of time that the hair needs to be exposed to heat, with up to 3X faster to straightening* and with up to 80% less damage**. 

Why does SteamPod 4 feature different combs?

The combs in SteamPod 4 were designed to optimize the steam flow, in order to guarantee an even diffusion of steam on your strands, so you can get perfectly smooth hair from root to tips.

Because not every hair is the same, we have created 3 combs to suit every hair type.
- Fine tooth comb: for Type I to IV hair on the L'Oréal scale* (straight to wavy);
- Intermediate comb: for Type V hair on the L'Oréal scale* (curly hair);
- Wide-tooth comb: for Type VI & VII on the L'Oréal* scale (very curly to kinky).

To change the comb, make sure your SteamPod is off and that the heating plates have cooled down.
Remove the comb by sliding it outwards.
Insert your comb by sliding it into the slot provided for this purpose. 

How do I select the correct temperature ? 

Depending on your hair texture, adjust the heat to your preferred setting :
- 180°C for thin, sensitive hair (colored or bleached) ;
- 200-210°C for thick, natural hair only. 

How do you clean your SteamPod ?

First, make sure your SteamPod is off and that the heating plates have cooled down. To clean the holes, use a piece of paper slightly humidified.
The comb can be cleaned in soapy water. Check that the comb is dry before fitting it back in the straightener. 

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