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L'Oreal INOA hair colourant tube


Permanent Hair Colour

INOA Blonde resist

INOA | 60

  • 6 Shades available

Anti-brassy hair colour


Covers up to 70% grey hair.


Permanent colour. Long-lasting, natural-looking permanent colour.


Up to 3 levels

For long lasting, glossy colour.


35 mins Depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary.

Now INOA is extending the lifetime of your cool blonde, with a new high-resistance technology. Introducing INOA Blonde Resist, this patented formula stabilises and preserves the cool reflects inside of the hair fibre, resulting in an anti-brassy blonde that lasts up to 8.5 washes*. Our first permanent hair colour without ammonia, with an oil delivery system for improved care, leaving your blonde hair feeling better conditioned* and more radiant than before application. The end result is a cool, natural looking blonde , full of depth and different tone levels.

Blonde women with curls
L'Oreal INOA hair colourant tube

Permanent Hair Colour

INOA Blonde resist

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This product needs a hair diagnosis by a professional.