Updo Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Updo hairstyles for every occasion 

Out with the everyday ponytail (see here for ponytail inspiration) and the humdrum chignon, and in with some updo hairstyles that will show off your style from day to night. We’ve selected our favourite easy hair updos for a variety of occasions, from staying classy in class to bringing drama to the theatre!


90s vibe knot

The 9-5 bun with a difference.

Adam Reed is also the brains behind this deliberately down-to-earth textured knot. He explains “This is anti-statement hair - I think overdone-ness is overdone. We’re doing everything with hands to maximise textures.” Reed recommends using the Pli Styling Spray from the Tecni.ART collection to create the necessary controlled texture, and the Savage Panache, a dry-touch powder spray, for tousled volume at the roots.

Top tip: Rub the product between your fingers before applying to the hair, and work in gradually to create a natural messy finish without your hair looking over-styled.


Vintage Volume

Going out? Go up, and up, and up...

This retro-inspired updo hairstyle was created by the Irish hair expert Fergal O’Connor, and it has everything you’d need for a night out. The key to this look’s success is all in the high volume. The front section is heavily backcombed (you can modify the height of the bouffant) then smoothed over with a flat brush. The back and side sections are textured, with a thick and messy braid that cascades down into a wavy ponytail.

Top tip: To channel your inner 1950s silver screen goddess while adding a touch of modern carefree attitude, a hint of root regrowth is perfect. A trend of its own, you no longer have to hide your original hair colour, but use it to create an edgy contrast!


Chic and easy hair updo

Dramatic elegance for a sophisticated evening.

There are few classic easy updos for long hair that are more chic than the French twist. And once you’ve got the technique mastered, like hair stylist Eileen McGrath here, you’ll find it’s also quick to style. Starting with a texturizing lotion like the Tecni.ART Transformer, or a texturizing powder spray like Savage Panache to give grip and hold to the style.

Top tip: There are multiple ways of creating the iconic French twist, but once of the simplest is to braid some top layers of hair together, and then use the side and lower layers to wrap around the braid before tucking the ends in underneath and securing with pins.


Messing around with texture

A modern and multi-functional easy hair updo. 

Stylist Elettra Guggeri really epitomised contemporary hair trends with this ultra-messy yet elegant sweeping updo. It’s all about looking laid back yet put-together. The secret to success with this updo hairstyle is the right back combing technique: you don’t need to tease everywhere. Stick to the roots to provide volume from underneath, and leave a front section of hair smooth, which you can sweep up and over into a messy chignon to create a sculptural wave at the front.


Top tip: a few loose strands are fine with this look, but frizz isn’t. Stay on the right side of flyaway and use a hairspray designed to provide 24hr protection from static like the Fix Anti-frizz spray from Tecni.ART.

Hello halo braid!

Practical for work and play

This halo braid is a favourite updo hairstyle thanks to its pretty-meets-practical nature. It works just as well for an everyday school or work look as it does for the gym or even a summer music festival! Stylist Adam Reed shows us how this easy hair updo can be created by using the French braid technique around the side of the head. Pin the ends where they meet the start of the braid, and finish with a spritz of Infinium hairspray on your palms, smoothing them over the head to control any flyaways.


Top tip: Apply a primer like the Pli styling spray from Tecni.ART before braiding to give hair more texture and hold, especially if you have naturally silky hair which has a tendency to slide out of styles.

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