Fashion Week Hair Trends…

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 came and went in the blink of an eye and left behind the hair trends you need to know about. Here you’ll find out how to perfect the looks that everyone will be wearing come Spring 2018.

We were backstage at the biggest shows this season including Erdem, Daks and Topshop Unique; with a pool of hair artist talent including Duffy, Anthony Turner, James Galvin, Adam Reed and Stephen Low to name a few.

The hair story had a fresh modern feel with a lived in texture or pony obsession at the centre of it. Words such as 'cool', 'feminine' and 'beautiful', were used to describe many of the effortless looks. That being said, many incorporated architectural elements, such as part slicked back, that gave the looks a slight structural modern edge - reminding us how one small detail can transform a style.

Here are our favourite looks and how you can achieve them using Tecni.ART




HAIR BY: Anthony Turner


Inspired by a night on the tiles “when the Queen of England went dancing in a 1940s Harlem Jazz club”, Anthony Turner’s faux fringe and accessorized ponytail at Erdem put the fun factor back into Fashion Week hair.


How to create the look:


1. Spray Spray Tecni.ART Pli throughout the hair, then spread through Full Volume Extra mousse to create a foundation


2. Dry off with a hairdryer making sure the direction is blowing back away from the face.


3. Separate a triangular fringe section at the front


4. Backcomb the underneath of the fringe section, roll it up and tuck it under and secure to create an asymmetric faux fringe


5. Pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail at the nape and hot tong the lengths into 40’s style twists


6. Tie a big black bow around the base of the ponytail


7. Use your fingers to pull out some soft pieces around the hairline and add a final mist of Infinium Hairspray to hold the style

The Lazy Wave




HAIR BY: Duffy


The inspiration of this look came from referencing classic Italian fashion campaigns where the look was strong and empowered.  The end result is a lived-in, modern take on the traditional summer wave.


How to create the look:


1. Prepare the hair by spraying through a combination of Tecni.ART Pli, for shape memory, and Beach Waves salt spray, for a texture foundation.
2. Dry off with a hairdryer before parting to one side. For added volume at the roots try flicking the top section from side to side as you dry.
3. On the smaller side of parting, smooth down and back controlling with Infinium Hairspray
4. To add drama to this look try hiding the bottom section of the hair to stop the weight deflating the volume. To do this, create a section at the bottom back of neck and secure in a tight ponytail before covering with lengths.
5. To create the wave, use a one-inch curling iron working through section by section. The key is tonging the hair in alternate directions as you move down the hair shaft

Crimping the pony



HAIR BY: James Galvin, from Daniel Galvin


James Galvin created futuristic inspired hair to complement a new season collection that was absorbed by designer Jasper Garcida's love of art.

1. Prepare the hair with Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra mousse to provide foundation, if extra smoothness is needed also run some Tecni.ART Liss Control through.


2. Create a long section on the top of the head, from forehead to the crown, and secure to the side before pulling the rest of the hair into a high ponytail

3.Then Dutch braid the remaining section before wrapping around the base of ponytail and securing


4. Using varied sizes of crimping hot tools, crimp the pony length and gently back-comb to achieve a textured finish.


5. Finish with a generous misting of Infinium hairspray



HAIR BY: Stephen Low from Neville Hair & Beauty


Fresh-faced, effortless and beautiful, DAKS epitomised the English rose this season, branching into two alternate styles – one up, one down – chosen specifically for each girl by Filippo. 

Universal texture 1


1. Prepare the hair  by spraying through Tecni.ART Beach Waves to create a three day-old, “gritty” texture.

2. Roughly blow dry the hair forward before creating a centre parting
3. Using a medium sized hot tong, create a wave in the lengths. Try twisting the hair into a chignon to let it cool down to create added movement

4. Finally, free the twist and blast with the hairdryer on cold




1. Spray through Tecni.ART Beach Waves and massage Tecni.ART Liss Control Plus smoothing serum at the roots to bolster that day-old feel
2. Dry off before twisting the hair up and fastening at the crown. Allow soft wisps to escape or use fingers to create some at the front
3. Finished with a light misting of Infinium

Soft and Subtle Pony



HAIR BY:  Stephen Low from Neville Hair & Beauty


Soft, cool and modern were the key words used to brief this look. The idea was to offset Eudon Choi's signature feminine sensibility and clean lines which are inspired by Eileen Gray and her iconic architectural eye.

1. Prepare the hair with Tecni.ART Pli at the roots to create a structure base before drying.

2. Using a small hot tong,  create waves around the hairline.
3. Gather hair into a low ponytail, fastening with some elastic. Leave elastic ends exposed for a modern effect
4. Dust Tecni.ART Super Dust texture powder through the roots and lengths of the ponytail for a raw finish

smooth and structured pony



HAIR BY: Jonny Engstrom from Guy Kremer 


A sculpted and clean hair look was created to complement an architectural collection from Haizhen Wang.

1. Spray Tecni.ART Pli through the hair for control
2. Part the hair to one side and blow dry
3. Split into three sections by creating one at the back which gets pulled into a low ponytail, and leaving the remaining sides loose
4. Apply Tecni.ART Density Material to the roots of the loose sections for a glossy almost wet-look sheen, smooth down
5. To finish mist Infinium hairspray all over and smooth any flyaways