Summer Hairstyles To Keep Your Style Fresh

When the temperature rises, keep your summer hairstyles cool. From French braids to beach waves, half-up hair to sunny and sleek, try out this selection of our favourite summer hairstyles...


French braid

Think summer on the Côte d’Azur: days spent strolling along promenades and sipping fruit smoothies while people-watching. With this braided summer hairstyle, you’ll also find yourself in the spotlight... 


How-to with stylist Adam Reed: 

Step 1.
On clean, dry hair, apply the Savage Panache styling spray by Tecni.ART, then use a comb to tease volume into the roots. Smooth over with a brush.

Step 2. Spray with Infinium hairspray for shine and grip, then take the top section of hair and start braiding. As you move down the hair, take more sections and weave them into the braid. This is the French braiding technique.

Step 3. Secure with an elastic band, then use your fingers to gently pull the braid apart to loosen it. Spray again with Savage Panache, and massage the scalp lightly to create volume and texture at the top. Voilà!




Beachy waves

No summer hairstyle says “surf’s up” more than beachy waves. This half-up version, however, is a little different (which is why we love it). It offers a practical side to classic beachy waves by pulling them away from your face, allowing you to really show off your summer tan!

How-to at home

Step 1.
Spray clean wet hair with Tecni.ART’s Beach Waves styling spray, focusing on the lengths and ends.

Step 2. Take a small section of hair and twist around your index finger, then set your hairdryer to a cool/medium temperature and blow dry. Release the hair and loosen the curl with your fingers. Repeat throughout the hair.

Step 3. Take two sections of hair from above the ear and twist them around one another. Place this twisted section at the back of your head and pin in place. Repeat on the other side to create a wavy half-up beach summer hairstyle!




Half-up summer hairstyle

Staying with the half-up theme, here’s a smoother option that’s far from flat. With the right techniques, you can turn an easy half-up style into a chic summer hairstyle!

How-to with Adam Reed:

Step 1.
Starting with clean, dry hair, spray some Savage Panache styling spray onto your hands and apply to the hair. Don’t smooth over the head; instead a great way to get volume is to scrunch the product in with gentle massaging movements to the roots. Spray over the lengths and ends.

Step 2. Create a side parting and separate the top layer of hair, tying it into a low ponytail. For more texture, don’t hesitate to add more Savage Panache, which has been designed for layering without weighing down the hair.


Step 3. Pull the front section of hair slightly onto the forehead and over the ear. Finish with a spritz of Infinium onto your hands, then run gently over the hair, taking care not to push down and lose any volume.



Sleek and sunkissed

Because what would summer style be without shine and a touch of sun? This sleek long look is ideal for a glamorous evening style.

How-to at home:

Step 1.
On wet hair, apply the Liss Control styling cream by Tecni.ART to the lengths, working your way upwards

Step 2. Blowdry in a downward direction. If your hair is naturally wavy or unmanageable, use a concentrator nozzle and paddle brush to smooth down the cuticles and add shine.

Step 3. Apply a shine-enhancing hairspray like Infinium, which won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy.

A colour bonus:

Get some sun! Subtle ombré hair colour is still riding a wave of popularity, and can work on all hair colours, as we can see here with a dark base that gradually lightens into a caramel blond. The secret is in the hands of your hair colourist, who will use a multi-tonal colour palette to infuse the lengths and ends with sunkissed colour.

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