7 mid length hairstyles for every day of the week

Having mid length hair doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun when it comes to playful hairstyles. Here are seven different hairstyles for medium length hair, giving you an option for every day of the week!

Monday Mid Length hairstyle Half-up, Half-down

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Stylist Adam Reed shows us how easy it is to create a textured half-up mid length hairstyle with a side parting. They key is all about the right product to give the necessary grip and texture. Adam recommends the Savage Panache dry touch powder spray, ideal for creating volume and hold.

Tuesday Mid Length Hairstyle  Sweet short sweep


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Change up your weekly hairstyle by simply moving where you part your hair. A side parting on a long bob can be a great way to showcase the different layers and create volume. On towel-dried hair, apply the Pli Styling Spray by Tecni.ART from root to tip, then blowdry your hair upside down. When almost dry, flip your hair back and use a tail comb to create a side parting.

Wednesday Mid Length Hairstyle Beach waves

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Cruise through that mid-week hump with a beachy hairstyle for medium length hair that evokes long summer holidays. Use the aptly-named Beach Waves spray by Tecni.ART on wet hair, then twist sections of hair around your index finger and blowdry. You could even turn this into a half-up mid length hairstyle by following this easy tutorial video. Simply take two strands of hair from the side of the face and twist them around one another, pulling them back away from the face and pinning to secure at the back. Repeat on the other side, and your beachy half-up hair is ready to surf the Wednesday hump!

Thursday Mid Length Hairstyle Modern matte waves

This season, it’s all about a modern matte finish!

While we still love shiny hair, mid length hairstyles can also look amazing with this soft matte effect. The Super Dust styling powder from Tecni.ART is really easy to apply: simply sprinkle over the roots of dry hair and brush through your waves. Super Dust is also a great option for between washes: this bodifying powder soaks up any excess oil, creates volume and makes your hair look freshly clean with a natural-looking matte texture. Ideal for hair that has a tendency to go greasy.

Friday Mid Length Hairstyle Tousled texture

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With the weekend on the horizon, show your laid-back style with tousled textured waves. This rock-chic look works just as well with a centre parting or a blunt bob. A diffuser hairdryer attachment can help define your texture, but for this look you should focus on the lengths and ends, keeping volume to a minimum on the roots. Plus, this style is ideal for transitioning from day to night, just in case you are invited to a concert after work...

Saturday Mid Length Hairstyle Glossy curls


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This is a mid length modern version of Old Hollywood waves for the 21st century. A little looser than those iconic 1950s curls, they still pack a punch and are paparazzi-ready. When it comes to choosing your styling product, we recommend the new Ring Light Pure styling spray by Tecni.ART. Inspired by the flattering effect of the ring light tool in photography, this revolutionary hairspray is buildable – meaning you can decide how much you want to shine this Saturday!

Sunday Mid Length Hairstyle Halo braid

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If your hair falls just below your shoulders or lower, you have enough length to create a pretty halo braid. Perfect for summer music festivals when hair needs to stay out of the way, and can get dirty quickly (washing isn’t always an option), the halo braid just involves French braiding from above one ear to the other. Tuck and clip the ends out of sight, spritz with some light hairspray, and you’re good to go. Plus, when you take out the braid, you’ll be left with gorgeous waves. Check out this tutorial from hair stylist Adam Reed to see how to re-create this mid length hairstyle at home.