Ponytail Inspiration

New looks to shape up your style! Watch the video tutorial below!

Looking for ways to pep up your ponytail? Here are our favourite ponytail hairstyles for whether you want to be a little different or really stand out from the crowd this season.

Messy ponytails

If you thought there was only one kind of messy ponytail, think again! Here are four examples, each created by an expert stylist, of how a touch of tousle can really boost ponytail hairstyles.


Windswept chic, by Lee Nash-Jones


The Creative Director of Nashwhite really succeeded in giving some attitude to his low ponytail. Lee used the Volume Lift hair mousse by Tecni.ART on damp hair before blowdrying, followed by the Transformer texturising lotion to create defined texture.


Gossamer volume, by John Gillespie

Over 25 years of leading his own company has given John the experience necessary to create this breathtaking messy ponytail. Contrasting with a smooth top section, the lengths and ends have been spritzed with the Pli Shaper spray by Tecni.ART, then back-combed to form this web-like finish.


Tender tendrils, by Luke Pluckrose

The Saks Hair and Beauty director designed this messy ponytail featuring gorgeous spirals of hair, in celebration of natural curls. The Pli Shaper spray was used as a primer, followed by the Transformer lotion once the hair was dry. To ensure the hair held its curls, Luke used the extra strong Air Fix spray.


Casual punk ponytail, by Jack Merrick Thirlway

This ponytail might be less messy than the others, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to attitude. The London-born celebrity hair stylist Jack Merrick Thirlway knows how to create a head-turning messy ponytail that is still entirely wearable for a day look. He used the go-to styling spray Pli, and gave the look a modern matte texture using the Super Dust powder, adding touches of shine using the Ring Light Pure spray, all from Tecni.ART.

Retro ponytail

If messy isn’t your style, take your ponytail inspiration from the past and go retro! The secret is all about volume from the roots at the back...

Step 1. On clean dry hair, create a side or centre parting using a comb.

Step 2. At a four-finger distance back from the hair line, brush the hair back and away from the forehead. This will leave you with a short section of parted hair, and a back section with no parting.

Step 3. Separate the hair that belongs to the front parting from the rest, and clip.

Step 4. Use a paddle brush to back comb the roots of the back section, focusing on the crown of your head.

Step 5. Smooth over the top layer of hair, and tie the lengths into a low ponytail, so that you create a voluminous bouffant at the back. You can use a tail comb to gently tease more volume if needed.

Step 6. Release the front sections and pull them around to join the rest of the hair, tying it all into the same low ponytail.

(Optional Step 7.) A fun way to complete this 50s-inspired vintage look is to take a section of hair from the back, twist it around itself, and use it to wrap around the base of the ponytail.

How will you be upgrading your ponytail hairstyle this season?

Recreate the Braided Ponytail

Give your ponytail a literal twist by turning it into a chunky braid.

In this tutorial by stylist Adam Reed, you can see how easy it is to turn a regular ponytail hairstyle into a chic and smooth plait:

Step 1. Tie clean dry hair into a low ponytail.

Step 2. Use a tail comb to divide the ponytail into three even sections.

Step 3. As you braid, spray your hands with the Fix Design Spray by Tecni.ART and smooth over hair.

Step 4. Secure the hair with an elastic, leaving around 4 inches of the ends free, and brush through.

Take it up a level

To take your braided ponytail from a day to a night look, it’s all about the tie. This season, bows and ribbons have been all over the catwalk. To give your braided ponytail a chic boost, for example, you could wrap a black velvet ribbon around the hair and leave the ends extra long so that they trail down your back.