How To Blow Dry Your Hair

A voluminous, bouncy and curly blow dry is easily achievable in the comfort of your own home. Watch the blowdry video tutorials below!

How To Blow Dry Hair At Home

Hairdressers hold the secret to the perfect bouncy blow dry with voluminous curls. The answer is all about styling your hair according to its type. Here we show you how to blow dry hair like an expert, whether you have thin or thick hair, in just a few simple steps using the best products.

Is your hair looking a little limp? Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or if you’ve been genetically handed lacklustre locks, you can still add bounce to your bonce in minutes. Get natural-looking volume and a curly flick for thin and flat hair thanks to this DIY bouncy blow dry!

Easy Blow Dry Steampod 3.0

You'll need:

a paddle brush, clip, hairdryer, Steampod

Step 1: PREP - For light weight volume apply Steampod Milk on damp hair. Dry the hair.

Step 2: STYLE - Section the hair by taking individual strands and pull away to lift the roots

The more vertical you start, the bigger your root lift. Alternate directions to create a blow dry effect.

TIP: the root lift gesture can also be applied to the bang for natural volume.

Step 3: FINISH – Apply 1 to 2 drops of hair serum on the ends, depending on hair type. Work the serum through the lengths and ends for definition and an enhanced shine.

Steampod 3.0 professional steam styler, works on all hair types and can help you create a smooth, bouncy blow dry with natural looking results.  Watch more Steampod hairstyles here. 

How to blow dry Naturally Thin Hair

You'll need:

a comb, barrel brush, clip, hairdryer, Full Volume Extra Mousse by Tecni.ART.

Step 1. Separate washed wet hair into two – a top section and a lower section – using a comb. Clip gently to secure (wet hair can be prone to breakages).

Step 2. Apply the Full Volume Extra Mousse to the palm of your hand. For short hair, a nut-sized amount will suffice, for longer hair increase to a golf-ball-sized amount. Remember, the mousse expands, so wait a few seconds after your first squeeze!

Step 3. Use your comb to apply the mousse to the hair, brushing it through from the roots to the tips (focusing on the roots). Comb through the lower section first, then release the clip and comb the mousse through the top section. This ensures even application.

Step 4. With a concentrator nozzle on your hairdryer, blow dry hair by lifting it from the roots using clean fingers. When hair is 80% dry, curl sections of the hair around a barrel brush and pull through as you blowdry. This gives a light wave and a flick at the ends.

Step 5. Make it last! Choose a hairspray that won’t weigh down your thin hair. We love Infinium by L’Oréal Professionnel, which also happens to be a favourite for runway shows!

Does your hair often have a mind of its own when you try to blow dry it? What start off as curls can quickly become uncontrollable frizz when you have naturally thick hair. Here’s how to tame the mane and get a sleek curly blow dry...

Controlled curls For Thick Hair

You'll need:

a paddle brush, clip, hairdryer, curling iron, PLI Styling Spray by Tecni.ART.

Step 1. On wet washed hair, apply the PLI Styling Spray throughout the hair from root to tip and brush through to ensure thorough distribution. PLI is a heat-activated memory spray that not only gives natural shape to the hair but also provides lift from the roots.

Step 2. Separate hair into two sections, lower and upper, using the clip. Then blowdry the lower section first with the concentrator nozzle attached in a downwards direction. This helps smooth out frizz and give hair a glossy shine. Release the top section and repeat the blowdry technique.

Step 3. Re-clip the (now dry) upper section and take a 3-inch width of hair from beneath. Wrap the hair around the pre-warmed curling iron and leave for ten seconds before releasing. Repeat through the lower section, then release the upper section and repeat the curling process.

Step 4. The key to a curly blow dry is all in the natural-looking finish. When all the hair is curled, leave it to cool for a few minutes, the take your paddle brush and brush it through the curls. The more you brush, the more the curls will drop and become waves, so the curl intensity is up to you.

Step 5. Add shine! Thick hair can suffer from dryness and a dull finish. A quick spritz with the Wet Domination Shower Shine hairspray helps give both hold and natural-looking shimmer to your style. Top tip: close your eyes and spritz the hairspray above your head, letting it fall naturally as you shake your hair lightly. This helps prevent product build-up and promotes more all-over hold.

A voluminous, bouncy and curly blow dry is easily achievable in the comfort of your own home thanks to the professional products from the Tecni.ART hair styling line!