How To Create The Perfect Curly Blow Dry

Here are our top tips from experts about achieving an award-worthy curly blow dry.

The perfect curly blow dry is regularly seen on the red carpet and catwalk, but how can the rest of us recreate the same look at home, without an army of hair stylists? Here are our top tips from experts about achieving an award-worthy curly blow dry, whether you have straight, naturally wavy, long or short hair.

Choose your curly blow dry look: which curls?

Not every curl is born the same! Choosing what kind of curls you want will affect your curly blow dry technique and the right products to use...

Hollywood waves

You can't go far wrong with the famous red carpet glossy curls spotted every award season. The key for this look is shiny, healthy-looking hair. Learn how you can create Hollywood Waves at home - from the red carpet trends to looser waves for everyday.

Messy beachy curls

Our favourite spring/summer hairstyle, tousled beachy waves can be created by adding a diffuser to your hairdryer. Use Tecni Art Beach Waves to towel-dried hair before drying. Cup the hair in the diffuser and keep on a low temperature to encourage a textured curly blow dry without damaging the hair fibre.

Short voluminous curls

Short hair? A curly blow dry is still possible, and can be all the more effective! You can even use the same technique as above: with shorter hair, the diffuser will create light, voluminous curls that float around your head. If your short hair sometimes suffers from flatness, the Volume Lift mousse from Tecni.ART not only gives lift from the roots, but also provides long- hold. Apply before drying and use your fingers to ensure the product is evenly distributed before blow-drying with your head upside-down.

Springy natural curls

If your already have curly hair, but want to tighten the springs on your curls a little without looking unnatural, ensure your hair is fully moisturised without being weighed down by hair products. An overnight hair mask is a great way to infuse all the necessary hydration. In the morning, rinse and comb out thoroughly using a wide-toothed comb, then start your curly blow dry with the diffuser attached. Hair should happily spring up to its natural curl level. Fix in place with a quick spritz of light hairspray.

Shiny curls for natural hair

Give your natural curly hair a glossy boost by using a few drops of Original Oil from the Mythic Oil haircare collection. Apply to your fingertips after blow-drying and run over the hair's lengths and ends (without breaking up the curls) to add shimmer and smooth away flyaways.

How to make sure your curly blow dry doesn't drop

So you have your perfect blow-dry look, however one of the main problems encountered by those working a curly blow dry is a gradual drop in volume over time - from femme fatale curls to flat and feeble waves. The secret to preventing this is all in the preparation: 

1. Always use a curl-enhancing product before starting your curly blow dry. See above for which preparation product is best for the look you're after.

2. Use a round metal barrel brush (the smaller the brush the tighter your curls). 

3. When blow-drying, curl sections of hair around the brush and dry on a warm heat with the nozzle pointed in a downwards direction (to smooth the cuticles).When 80% dry, switch to a cool temperature and pin the curl to your head.

4. Once all sections are curled and pinned, leave for half an hour to ensure all the hair has cooled and set. If you don't have a curling iron, you can also use a hair straightener to curl your hair too. 

5. Remove pins and apply a light but strong-hold hairspray such as Infinium Pure from L'Oréal Professionnel, cupping each curl in your palm as you spray to encourage definition and fix the curl in place.

6. For a more natural look, run your fingers lightly through the curls.

Enjoy your perfect curly blowdry without worrying about it dropping out on you!