Five Braid Hairstyles

Inspiration for summer hair

Take you braid to the next level! There are numerous ways you can give your plait some peps, especially this summer when braid hairstyles are everywhere. Take a look at these five different braided styles and take your pick!


French braid

Ethereal elegance.

Beauty à la française has a romantic, slightly carefree charm to it. While the French braid might come across as intimidating if you don’t yet have the technique, it’s surprisingly easy to pick up. Plus, with this version it doesn’t matter if there a few loose sections.

How to: Stylist Adam Reed recommends using the Savage Panache styling spray by Tecni.ART, focusing on the roots, then lightly teasing the hair with a comb to create volume. Then, take the top layer of hair and start braiding, gradually pulling in new sections of hair from left and right, all the way to the ends.



Halo braid

Our festival favourite.

The halo braid, also sometimes known as a braided crown, is a regular on the summer music festival circuit. Why? Thanks to its practical  and pretty qualities. It keeps the hair out of your face (good for dancing), it hides all manner of greasy roots (festival hair can get dirty quickly), it looks cute, creates intrigue to the hair, and – lastly –  when you take the hair out you’re left with gorgeous curls!

How to: Our go-to stylist Adam Reed shows how you can use your new French braiding technique at a different angle, taking the braid from one ear to another. The Tecni.ART Pli Styling Spray is great for adding body and discipline to braided styles – simply spritz over towel-dried hair before blowdrying and styling.



Braided ponytail

A pony with power.

Give your low ponytail some controlled body with a sleek, chunky braid. Great for hair that has a tendency to frizz or become unmanageable throughout the day, a braid is our BFF for a long-lasting and fuss-free style. Pulling the braid tight as you style it will give it more definition, and remember to keep the size of the sections equal.

How to: Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner to get your hair prepped pre-styling. Blow dry using a paddle brush, which is helpful for removing any tangles without breaking the hair or causing static. When it comes to braiding, Adam Reed recommends spraying the Fix Design hairspray from Tecni.ART onto your hand and smoothing over the plait as you go. Secure at the ends, leaving an inch or two of hair loose to keep an element of the ponytail.



Victorian braid

Bronte beauty.

It hits exactly the right note between traditional femininity and contemporary attitude thanks to its clean minimalist lines. Anthony Turner, the stylist behind this look on the Erdem runway, explains: “This is a modern version of Victorian hair - but in a very minimal way. From the centre-part through to braid, it’s strict and uptight.”

How to: Use the  Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra mousse and Tecni.ART Pli styling spray on wet hair. Create a clean centre parting then blow dry super straight. Start braiding under the ear at either side and connect at the nape, braiding through to the ends and securing with an invisible elastic.


Nomadic braids

Messy hippy hair.

Another festival favourite, these nomadic braids were spotted on the Bora Asku runway and were created by Tina Outen. She explains that “The imperfect finish is a nod to travelling and plays on each model’s individual length and texture.” The look really shows how braid hairstyles can be totally versatile – here in a carefree hippy form!

How to: On clean dry hair, make a loose centre parting and apply Tecni.ART Pli styling spray to the top section. Create two low twin braids, then fold each braid back up against itself and secure with a transparent hair elastic. To separate and feather the tips, apply the Tecni.ART Depolish deconstructing paste to the ends.

This summer, get creative with your braid hairstyles!

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