Festival Hair Inspiration For All Hair Types

If you’re getting ready for the summer, you might be looking for some festival hairstyles to make you stand out from the crowd. Here are our three favourite styles for festival hair, plus how you can try out every hair colour you’ve ever imagined...

Halo braid

Practical for work and play

Festival hair has two jobs: not just to look pretty, but to be practical too! You’ll be running around,  dancing to your favourite artists, and you won’t necessarily have the opportunity to wash your hair often. So our ideal festival hairstyles need to keep the hair away from the face, and hide any possible oil build-up. Which is why we love any look with a braid to it, especially this halo braid! Stylist Adam Reed shows us how to get the look...

How to:

Step 1. Spray Pli styling spray by Tecni.ART over dry hair and use a comb to create a side parting. Pli is great for adding grip to the hair without making it feel crunchy.

Step 2. Take a section of hair from the top and start braiding over towards the ear, adding new sections of hair as you go (the French braid technique).

Step 3. Keep braiding around the head until you come back up and around to the other ear. Tie the end of the braid with as elastic. Pull the ends up to where the braid starts and pin to secure.

Step 4. Using your fingers, loosen the braid by gently pulling it apart slightly to give it that festival hair bohemian vibe. Finish by spraying Infinium hairspray onto your hands and running them over the head. Don’t push down too hard or you’ll lose the volume.

Half-up Beach waves

The best of both worlds!

You can show off your length and colour without the hair getting in your face. Plus, by keeping the top fairly smooth, you can minimise the appearance of oily build-up and keep the focus on the lower sections.

How to:

Step 1. Spray the Tecni.ART Beach Waves salt spray over part-dry hair.

Step 2. Take a 3cm section of hair and twist it around itself using your finger. Blowdry and repeat with the rest of the hair.

Step 3. Use your hands to shake up the waves for a more natural finish.

Step 4. Take two sections of hair from above the ear and twist them around one another. Pull towards the back of the head and clip. Repeat with the other side.

A classic festival hairstyle French Braid

A winner because it doesn’t matter if it gets a little messy ...

That’s all part of the charm!

And the technique itself, while it might seem complicated, is actually very easy to master. Watch stylist Adam Reed as he creates this voluminous French braid that’s perfect for a summer festival hair look.

How to:

Step 1. Spray hair with the Savage Panache styling spray from Tecni.ART and tease the roots with a comb to get volume underneath.

Step 2. Smooth over with a soft bristle brush and spray with Infinium hairspray to give the hair hold.

Step 3. Take the top layer of hair and begin a regular braid. However, as you move down the hair, add in new sections of hair from the left and right. Gradually, all the hair becomes part of the braid.

Step 4. When you reach the ends, secure with an elastic. Gently tug the braid slightly apart to give it that fun dishevelled effect.


Colour me crazy!

Ever thought about what you’d look like with pink festival hair? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of daring a bright blond shade. With the virtual makeover tool Style My Hair you can try an almost unlimited spectrum of colours, meaning you can be fully confident before booking an appointment with your hairdresser. Plus, you can also use the app to try out different virtual hairstyles – who knows, maybe a platinum bob or lavender waves are the hairstyles you never knew you needed!