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All you need to know about SILVER HAIR

Discover what kind of silver hair will suit you, how to achieve the best results, as well as some top tips on caring for silver hair.

Silver hair has become one of the most popular hair colour trends over the past couple of years, and silver success shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Here, you'll discover whether silver hair will suit you, how to achieve the best colour, as well as some top tips on caring for silver hair.

How to get Silver Hair: Go Professional

The secret to the perfect silver hair lies in the hands of your professional hair colourist. Why? Silver hair is not simply grey hair, although as they grow older some women do find their hair colour naturally evolves into the perfect silvery shade. This is not the case for everyone, and the latest silver hair trend can be seen on women who haven't even seen their first grey hair!

If you're starting with dark hair, or hair that's been coloured repeatedly over the years, your hairdresser will have to gently take you up to a clean, light colour in order for the silver shade to show and hold. Without the expertise of a professional, you risk not lightening the hair to the desired level, and possibly causing damage to the fibre. Even hair that's naturally very light will still need to be coloured carefully to avoid unwanted hues showing through.
Your colourist will ensure that, together, you choose the perfect shade of silver, taking into consideration the natural colour, thickness and porosity of your hair. You want to avoid any yellow undertones without going too grey. A successful silver hair shade is one that has very subtle purple undertones, which brings warmth to the hair and contributes to the shimmery, metallic effect  that makes silver hair so popular.

"Will I suit Silver Hair?"

This is one of the most common questions that professional hair colourists get asked, and the answer is usually "Yes!" However, the success of your silver hair dye all depends on the undertones and how complementary they are against your skin tone. Tone is all-important when it comes to colouring your hair, otherwise you risk washing out your complexion.

Warm skin tones, for example, look beautiful when silver hair has a very slight peachy hue to it. Cooler skin tones, however, really pop against silver hair with a bluish shimmer to it. Neutral skin tone? You're lucky and can pull off a whole range of silver shades! Once again, your hairdresser will know what skin tone you have and how to mix the most flattering shade.  

Silver Star

Not sure about Silver Hair? Try Temporary!

Silver hair is not for wallflowers, and can seem a daunting step to take. If you're unsure about going silver permanently, there's an easy solution: temporary hair colour. L'Oréal Professionnel's new Colourful Hair service  offers unlimited bold colour creations, including silver shades, that all wash out in around 15 shampoos.

A bonus: the Colourful Hair service doesn't just offer the same shade all over: you can opt for a multitude of hair colour creations. Think peek-a-boo pops of colour, mystical mermaid locks, delicious candy shades, fantasy unicorn hues or shimmering opals...  the possibilities are infinite! You could even try silver sections or tips if you're not ready for an all-over silver hair look.

If you're not convinced by your new hair colour, or the time has come to go back to your original shade, the Colourful Hair service also offers a removal treatment... You could even decide to try another Colourful Hair creation!

How to care for Silver Hair every day

The beauty of silver hair lies in its shimmering texture, which requires a tailored haircare routine. As with any coloured hair, especially after being lightened, hydration is essential. 

When the cuticles of hair fibres are dry, they stick up from the surface of the strand. But when they're hydrated and healthy, they lie flat, which reflects the light and gives the hair an overall glossy look. This is why tired, dry hair can often look dull. Prevent this by using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner formulated for silver hair , and applying a hair mask once a week or whenever your hair feels like it needs some extra care.

Hair oils can also be a great way of adding shine to your silver hair, whether after washing or on-the-go. Just rub a few drops between your palms (with clean hands) and smooth over the lengths and ends avoiding the roots.

To get the most out of shimmering silver hair, trust the professionals and feel completely confident with your new look!