Toners For Blonde Hair

And how do toning shampoo and blonde toner restore the ideal colour?

Blonde can often turn into brassy hair, so should you be using a toner for blonde hair to prevent or repair this unwanted colour development? And how do toning shampoo and blonde toner restore the ideal colour? Read on for all the answers, explained by our hair colour experts.

All about brassy hair and how to prevent it

The orange, almost rusty undertones that can develop on coloured blonde hair are known as brassiness. Instead of providing warmth to the complexion, they can drain the face and flatten the hair's natural volume and depth. Brassy hair tones typically emerge when darker hair has been lightened by several shades, but can also be seen in highlights and ombré coloured hair - where the hair lightens gradually along the lengths.

This change of colour from blonde to brassy hair occurs as a result of the colouring process. When lightening hair, the natural melanin pigment (which can range from an orange-yellow shade to dark brown) is broken down and covered by the ingredients in the colour dye. Over time, however, as the dye slowly fades, this dark melanin begins to show through. Combined with the new blonde colour, the result is that infamous brassy hair look.

Using toner for blonde hair: how to restore and maintain colour

If your hair is starting to show signs of brassiness, or if you'd rather prevent that happening in the first place, a blonde hair toner or toning shampoo is recommended.

A toner for blonde hair is ideal for eliminating brassy undertones. It works by neutralising the orange hues, which is why you'll often see toning products that are purple or blue-tinted (because they are the opposite side of the colour spectrum.)

Toning your hair doesn't have to be a separate step in your haircare routine. The Silver Shampoo (for platinum, white and grey hair) and the Blondifier Cool Purple Shampoo (for all blonde shades) from the Serie Expert collection both contain a toner for blonde hair, to eliminate brassiness, and a gentle cleanser that won't strip your colour. Alternatively, you could keep your regular shampoo and use a colour-correcting conditioner like the CC Cream conditioner from the Vitamino Color range to neutralise brassy hair tones.


How to bring shine to blonde hair

From beige blonde to ash, honey and platinum, there is an almost unlimited variety of blonde hair shades. Recently, we've even seen colour combination trends such as cream soda, sonde and even dark roots against polar platinum locks! But if there's one thing they've all got in common, it's that a) brassy hair is a no-no and b) they look their best when glossy and voluminous. Make the most out of your beautiful blonde hair colour by using the right products to enhance its shine and promote healthy-looking hair.

Expert tips for shiny blonde hair

1) Use a Hair Oil

After shampooing and conditioning with your toning shampoo, gently squeeze out excess moisture using an old cotton t-shirt (more gentle than rubbing with a towel, which can cause breakage.) Apply a few drops of the Original Oil from the Mythic Oil range to your palms, and run your hands down the hair, focusing on the lengths and ends. Not only will its fragrance leave your hair smelling delicious, but its nourishing formula offers heat protection and leaves hair super shiny without weighing it down.

2) Weekly Hair Mask

Once a week, after shampooing, apply a leave-on conditioning mask and comb through gently with a wide toothed comb to prevent damaging the hair.

Squeeze out excess moisture and wrap the hair in a soft towel or t-shirt and leave overnight. Rinse out in the morning and enjoy shimmering blonde locks! Try Serie Expert Blondifer Hair Mask, formulate to enhance shine and radiance of blonde hair. 

3) Styling Cream

 For a stand-out sleek and swishy ponytail or glossy waves, apply a nut-sized amount of the Sleek & Swing styling cream before drying and styling. Remember to position the hairdryer at a downward angle, following the direction of the hair in order to smooth down the hair cuticles. Why? Flat cuticles reflect the light, giving hair a glossy finish and texture.

From toning shampoo and blonde hair toners, to the right styling techniques and products, you can swish goodbye to brassy hair and enjoy bright, shiny and beautiful blonde!

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