Thinning Hair in Men

How to get thicker looking hair

Thicker Serioxyl Density

Thinning hair is one of the most common concerns for men as they get older. While we can’t do much about our genetics, there are ways to make hair feel and look thicker involving specialist haircare and a few expert hair styling tricks.

Thinning hair: men more at risk than women?

While both men and women can suffer from thinning hair, the actual loss of hair, known as male pattern baldness, is related to testosterone, which is why receding hairlines and eventual full (or quasi-total) baldness almost only affects men. Other causes for hair loss include stress, diet, allergies and certain medical treatments.

Can you make hair grow back?

Once your scalp stops producing hairs from its follicles, that’s it. The only way to get hair back on your head is through certain surgical procedures and prescription drugs, and even then the results can vary. However, there are ways to make your existing hair look thicker, and make up for the hair you may have lost.

How to support healthy hair growth

An easy and enjoyable way to promote blood circulation is through regular scalp massages to increase blood circulation. In the shower or bath, use your fingertips to apply pressure to the scalp in slow circular motions. Relaxing and beneficial!

Styling tips for thinning hair

Mark O'Keeffe from Brown Sugar Salon has some expert tips for making hair appear thicker:

1. If you have found that your hair looks thin at the front, a great tip is to have your hair cut so that it is shorter at the sides, and heavier at the top. This is a great way to make the hair look thicker as it balances out the weight of the hair that normally sits in a horse-shoe shape around the head. Cuts such as a dandy boy or the classic faded barber cut are perfect for this look.

2. Once you have the right cut, styling the hair can be just as helpful in adding a look of thickness and density to hair. A trick is to blow-dry your hair with a vent brush, bringing the hair forward and up as you dry to create height and weight in the hair. This will add volume to the hair and make it look fuller.

3. A perfect style for those of you with curly hair is to let your hair fall forward, and dry with a diffuser. This will maintain the volume of your hair and help it look denser.

4. Last, but by no means least, a great way to help your hair look thicker and fuller is by having a suitable haircare routine. Our Serioxyl Thickening Range can help you achieve this by adding a look of thickness, density and lift to the hair.