Keeping Cool: Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

Correct brassy tones for white, grey or light blonde hair

Silver Hair Colour Trend

Silver hair, both natural and coloured, has grown into one of the most popular hair colour trends. Here we look at why silver hair has become such a sensation, and how you can help keep your colour cool with silver conditioner and shampoo. Plus, we’ve added a bonus section at the end with ideas on how to get creative with silver hair colour!


Why can hair colour turn brassy?


Cool undertones are what make grey and silver hair so stunning. However, a common concern for silver-haired men and women is brassiness, where warmer tones can develop over time, turning hair a brassy shade of orange/yellow. Why is this? There are several possible reasons:

1. For blonde and silver shades, stylists usually use a bleaching product to lighten the hair, followed by a toner. The bleach lifts the colour up to the desired level, while the toner gives it – literally – the tones you want. But this toner can wear off after over-washing/styling, or if not correctly applied, revealing the warmer nuances of the lifted hair beneath.


2. You may also have simply been born with a brassy shade of hair colour. If you have natural orange tones to your hair, the bleach and toner will have to work harder to hide them, so it’s likely your brassy tones will reappear more quickly than for others.


3. Due to the lifting process, coloured silver blonde hair can be more porous. This means it is more susceptible to chemicals and minerals in the water we wash with/swim in. Pool water and harsh haircare products have all been linked to hair discolouration.


This is why everyday haircare solutions have been developed to brighten the cool hues, and neutralise any unwanted orange ones.


Shampoo for silver hair: how does it work?

Whether you have natural or coloured grey hair, you can help keep your cool tones glossy and bright with a tailored shampoo. The Silver Shampoo from the Serie Expert collection from L’Oréal Professionnel contains magnesium and anti-yellowing agents to counteract any brassy undertones.


Silver hair shampoo works according to the colour spectrum. In order to neutralise unwanted orange and yellow hues, it uses the opposite tone on the colour wheel: purple. And before you ask, no it doesn’t turn the hair violet! The result is shiny and nourished hair with fresh cool tones.



Keeping your cool: silver conditioner

When it comes to conditioner, your best option is a lightweight treatment that supports your shampoo to prevent any yellow undertones from developing, while also caring for your hair. Naturally grey hair can often be weaker and more brittle, so a silver conditioner with hair-strengthening ceramides can really help support the fibres.

We recommend the Silver Neutralising Cream for grey and white hair, also from Serie Expert. As well as preserving your cool tones, it contains Babassu oil, known for its non-drying and emollient properties, offering long-lasting nourishment and hydration to your silver hair.


Grey and silver hair: naturally fashion-forward

There are two main types of grey/silver hair colour that are currently driving the trend train: natural grey hair and coloured silver hair.


Embracing our hair’s natural shade

It used to be that the merest hint of a grey hair would be met with an immediate visit to the hair colourist. These days, however, there is a global trend towards embracing our natural beauty. From silvery roots to streaks of white, there’s no shame in natural colour. It’s beautiful!


Pale silver blonde hair on all ages

The second way to wear silver hair is by adopting the ultra-fashionable silver blonde hair trend. Think platinum hair with even cooler tones that take the hair to a precious metal grey shade that can sometimes even border on pale silver purple hair.



Hair colour inspiration: 3 ways to wear silver hair


You don’t have to go for an all-over silver hair colour if you don’t want. Nor does it necessarily have to be in the form of a silver blonde hair shade, darker colours can get in on the trend too... Check out these three silver hair styles!


Silver ombre hair: If traditional blonde can be worn in the colour gradation called “ombre” then silver can too! Think of a cool brown base that gradually evolves into silver tips. It’s all about staying with cool tones from root to tip.


Silver highlights: Streaks of silver are a huge trend right now, natural and coloured! It’s a great way to transition into a more all-over grey or silver shade. Plus, you can be a bold as you like: from subtle greys weaving through blonde, to a standout silver streak over a dark base.


Dark silver hair: Grey is a really versatile colour. You aren’t limited to light silver hues, so why not think about a dark pewter shade? Your hairdresser can create a dark silver hair effect by using a balayage technique with different intensities of grey over a dark base.


Whether you’re celebrating your natural hair or having it coloured by a professional, grey/silver hair is a striking colour that we can’t get enough of!