How to get thicker, denser looking hair

Seeing as so many of us have concerns of thin or fine hair, we used our experience in colour, cutting and styling to bring you some top tips for how to make your hair appear fuller and thicker. We have also asked Mark O'Keeffe from Brown Sugar Salon in Dublin to answer some thinning hair questions and give us some great advice on how to achieve a thicker and denser hair look.

Thicker Serioxyl Density


When you have your hair coloured, ask your colorist for lighter sections at the top section of the hair, and add darker pieces or a darker section to the underneath section. This will add depth and give the impression of thickness.


When having your hair cut, try and avoid having too many layers. At all times weight should be kept around the perimeter of the hair, only layering the minimum in the top section of the hair.


Don't part your hair in the middle. This can make your hair fall flat and look thinner. Putting your parting slightly off centre to the side can add volume and make your hair look thicker and fuller.


A key way to make your hair thicker is to have a suitable haircare routine. Our new thickening range, Serioxyl, can help you achieve the perfect level of fullness, by adding thickness, density and lift to the hair. Using both an at-home Fuller Hair Kit and one or both of our Super Serums will maximise your thickening result.