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Can Everyone Grow Long Hair?

How long can you grow your hair? See our hair growth tips to prevent breakage and maximise the length of your hair, from the professionals.

How long can you grow your hair?

Most people's hair grows at around 1cm per month, and stays on their scalp for up to seven years, going through four different phases before falling out naturally. However, this doesn't take into account the considerable number of hairs that are pulled out when brushing and styling, or which break off before achieving their maximum length.

Can everyone grow long hair?

Aside from certain medical conditions, if you are prepared to take the time and effort, there's no reason you can't have long locks. That said, why can't some people grow long hair? There are 4 possible reasons, and ways to help boost hair growth:



The ageing process means our hair follicles gradually weaken, with some even ceasing hair production entirely. This makes it very difficult to grow long, healthy-looking hair. A scalp massage when washing can help stimulate the blood flow and promote new hair growth.



The quality of your hair directly affects the answer to how long can you grow your hair? Dry, brittle and damaged hair will break off more easily, therefore taking longer to grow out. Plus, the ends will likely be uneven and possible frizzy, hence the importance of quality haircare for long hair. We recommend the Inforcer anti-breakage collection by Serie Expert to strengthen and repair the hair, powered by Biotin and B6.



Likewise, hair that has been subject to harsh treatments (straightening, perms, braiding, weaves etc.) may be more fragile and prone to breakage, either along the hair shaft or at the root itself. When growing your hair out, cut back on the pulling and over-styling.



Some of us are born with fragile, weak hair, which may explain why can't some people grow long hair despite their best efforts. The hair naturally breaks under too much weight at a certain length. The solution is in regular trims to keep the fibre strong, and not try to grow your hair out too quickly. Slow and steady wins the race.

The Importance of confidence, whatever the length

Numerous studies have attempted to understand how humans perceive each other based on their hair length, particularly when it comes to women, and there are positive arguments for both short and long hairstyles (although the strongest argument must surely be how you feel with your look).  

The conclusion: style your hair as long or short as you like – feeling your best is the most important!