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[blond-studio] Purple Lightening Balm

Lifts, respects & softly neutralises in one step.

- Lifts up to 8 levels

- Purple Dye Complex

- Protective bonding technology with Citric Acid + Glycerine

- Easy to mix, use and rinse with +17% faster take-off1


High performance lightening balm. Lightens up to 8 levels, respects hair fibre, and gently neutralises in one step. Powered by bonder inside and 29% nutritive oil to respect hair from within during the lifting process, while the Purple Dye Complex provides soft neutralisation for an anti-yellow effect. Multi-technique lightening balm compatible with all bleaching techniques : foil, open-air, on scalp.


  • Up to 8 levels of lift with +17% faster take-off.1
  • Respects the internal structure of the hair with bond protecting technology
  • Soft neutralisation.


Blond Studio Purple Lightening Balm Bonder Inside perfectly suits the French Balayage service.

Step 1: Perfectly blended lightening with Blond Studio Purple Lightening Balm Bonder Inside,
Step 2: Dia light Acidic Gloss Color for nourishing toning.

1 In the first 15min, vs LP powder bleach
2 Instrumental test, vs without bonding agents

How to

Prepare and apply the mix in a well-ventilated area. Do not use metallic tools (clips, combs…) prepare the mixture by taking the bleach cream first and then by adding the oxidant on top of it. Keep the container well sealed in a dry, well-ventilated area away from heat and light. Mixing ratio: 1:1,5 to 1:3. The use of 40 volume developer is limited to the mixing ratio 1:1,5 for off-scalp applications.

Maximum development time: 50 min. Do not apply heat during the development time.
Do not exceed the development time and rinse hair very carefully with lukewarm water- Use the mixture immediately after preparation and discard any leftover mixture.

  • Failure to comply with the usage instructions correctly may lead to hair loss, hair breakage or burning of the scalp.
  • Do not shampoo just before lightening application. Do not use after a perm, straightening or relaxing service.
  • Do not use on hair that is very fine and/or fragile, sensitized, relaxed, or permanently straightened.
  • Do not use if hair has been coloured with a progressive colourant or Henna except with Botanéa from L’Oréal Professionnel.
  • In case of on-scalp applications, do not apply two times in succession – if highlighting, do not let the product run onto the scalp- do not place the hair in front of the clients face during the application or development time. Do not leave the client unattended and check their hair regularly. If during use, the product reacts abnormally (heating, significant swelling, seeping…), rinse the hair immediately with lukewarm water.


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