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Platinium Plus are our luxurious lightening pastes. Platinium Ammonia Free is perfectly suited for fine, natural or coloured hair.


Enriched with Nutricerides and White Beeswax, this formula provides a softening effect and up to 7 levels of lift without the use of ammonia.
The Enriched lightening paste helps to smooth and soften the hair fibre for a beautiful condition.
Our Nutri-Developer is specifically formulated to optimise our luxury Platinium lightening pastes. The smooth, creamy mixture allows for easy application and creates beautiful blonde results. With three strength levels to choose from and varying development times your colourist can create a colour service that is completely tailored to you from natural looking subtle, sun-kissed effect tones to bright, luminous blonde.


  • Suitable for open air, enclosed and global techniques depending on the oxydant used
  • Contains Potassium Ammonia for coloured or difficult to lighten hair
  • Enriched with Nutri-Cerides and White Bees Wax

How to

Only use with Blond Studio Nutri Developer
20, 30 or 40  volume (maximum)

Open Air and Freehand: Apply a 1:1 to 1:2 mixing ratio for off-scalp application (using 20, 30 or 40 vol)

Enclosed: Apply a 1:5 to 1:2 mixing ratio for enclosed application (using 20 or 30 vol)

On-scalp application: Apply a 1:3 mixing ratio for on-scalp application (using 20 or 30 vol). 

Development time: up to 50 mins.


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