Fashion Week AW18 with L’Oréal Professionnel

Reporting from Fashion Week backstage Autumn/Winter 2018, we have some key looks from the biggest shows of the season including Erdem, Eudon Choi and Peter Pillotto.

Some of the biggest names in British hairdressing including Stephen Low, Anthony Turner and James Pecis, joined us to prep and perfect the hair trends of the next season, here are some of the key looks...

ERDEM AW18 with L'Oreal Professionnel


Hair by: Anthony Turner

Time-lapsed ponytail

A throwback to the aristocratic roaring twenties, this is a fusion between a classic finger wave and a modern imperfect ponytail finish. Created to look homemade and naturally weathered, it features exposed hair pins to give it the undone touch.

How to create the look:

  1. Start with a deep side parting, then section of the back third by making a horseshoe shape from ear to ear – leave the back loose.
  2. Through the top section, comb a mixture of Tecni.ART Pli priming spray and Rebel Push-Up texturizing mousse throughout to create a base for the finger wave
  3. On each front side, use a comb to push a wave from side to side, pinning the bends of each wave to secure. Once pinned you may choose to use a hairdryer on low speed to set the look
  4. Pull back the rest of the hair and secure in a low pony, smoothing over with a small amount of Mythic Oil for the weathered effect
  5. Finish by spraying Infinium hairspray all over.



Hair by: Stephen Low from Neville Hair & Beauty

Village Waves

Inspired by the life in a Cornish fishing village and the idea of being caught in the rain, this look is a soft, flat wave with slightly lived in texture.

How to create the look:

  1. Create a centre parting and spilt into two sections before braiding each loosely
  2. Using a dollop of Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra mousse, press it into the braid randomly using your hands. This creates the opposing fluffy and damp textures, plus makes it a more natural-looking wave
  3. With a little Tecni.Art Liss Control cream in your palms, smooth down along the braid creating the satin caught in the rain effect 
  4. Using a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle, dry the braids on slow speed before untying and separating
  5. To add a subtle rain-caught glisten, smooth a little Tecni.Art Liss Control+ serum to finish 



Hair by: Stephen Low, Neville Hair & Beauty

Glossy Twist

Young, fresh, simple with a healthy gloss finished in a twisted loop, lent a jewellery-like quality to this style. Perfect for daily wear or adding an elegant touch to an outfit.

How to create the look:

1. Prepare the style foundation by spraying Tecni.ART Pli priming spray through the roots to mid-lengths, then Liss Control cream from the mid-lengths to ends

 2. Brush the hair backwards, away from the face while blow-drying dry. This helps create an ultimately smooth ponytail

3. Fasten the hair into a low pony

4. Mix a little Tecni.ART Liss Control cream and Liss Control+ serum together, then smooth down the length of the ponytail

5. Twist the pony length, then looped it back on itself before tucking the ends into the elastic. For a stylised touch, leave out the tips poking out


Hair by: Anthony Turner

Party Girl Hair

This look takes inspiration from a girl who has been out partying all weekend. Oozing ‘I don’t care’ vibes, it is bohamian and fun.  

How to create the look:

1. Layer Tecni.ART Beach Waves salt spray and PLI priming spray throughout the hair and create a centre parting. These products create a day-old texture to the hair

2. Rake your fingers throughout to encourage natural movement without adding volume

3. Apply a little Mythic Oil on the ends only for a just-off-the-dancefloor feel



Hair by: James Pecis

Casual Chignon

Working with the Roksanda girl look, each style was tailored to work with the models natural hair texture and individual style in an authentic way.

How to create the look- :

  1. Apply Tecni.ART Pli and Rebel Push-Up texturizing mousse throughout the mid-lengths to ends to create a styling foundation
  2. Brush the hair backwards, away from the face while blow-drying dry
  3. Tie into a ponytail
  4. Using the pony length, loop it into a donut knot threading the tail through the centre
  5. Secure and use your fingers to messy the knot up slightly
  6. Mist with Infinium hairspray to finish