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Reach you hair goals with Smartbond

The ultimate bond strengthening service for every colour, highlight & straightening for strong and protected hair.

Bottles of Smartbond

What is Smartbond?

Smartbond is L’Oréal Professionnel’s ultimate bond strengthening service, added to your technical services in salon minimise any potential damage & protect your hair.

Smartbond is designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair & strengthen them during technical processes, resulting in hair that is stronger, feels touchably softer, and looks shinier.

Let’s have a look at how the hair is composed. As you know the first part of the hair shaft is the Cuticle. Inside that is the cortex which has several layers, firstly macro-fibrils, followed by micro fibrils, protofibrils and then at a molecular structure of the hair we have keratin chains. These keratin chains are linked by multiple types of bonds which we can categorise as “strong” and “weak”. So what happens to these bonds during technical services & the role Smartbond has to play.

During a technical service without a bonding product, our strong bonds, the disulphide bonds are weakened by the oxidation. Over time this constant weakening can lead to them breaking.

Our weak bonds, in particular the salt & hydrogen bonds in the hair aren't able to re-form. Why – because of ions left in the hair from colour or pre-lighteners – these stop weak bonds re-forming.

The net result is that over time the hair is weakened at its core. So let’s see how Smartbond PROTECTS & STRENGTHENS these bonds.

Smartbond is enriched with a hero ingredient Maleic acid – this clever ingredient is animated on the back of our technical products to penetrate the hair during the service.


It limits the stress that the oxydants put on our strong bonds. Meaning they are preserved & protected. It does this WITHOUT impacting on the lifting power of the oxydant. Secondly it captures all the ions within the hair & removes them – this allows the weak bonds to reform. This technology works in the hair in two simple & insperable steps.

How does Smartbond work?

Smartbond is a two-step process which allows the colourist to protect the hair & prevent damage during a technical service.

Step 1 : Bond Strengthening Additive

Smartbond Step 1 contains maleic acid which works smartly during the chemical process, it limits the oxidative stress and preserves the strong bonds & captures the ions and allows the reconstruction of the weak bonds.

Step 2 : Bond Strengthening system pre-shampoo

Smartbond Step 2 is applied to the hair once the colour or lightener is removed as a pre-shampoo. It also contains maleic acid which continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform. It contains a blend of ceramides & polymers to provide condition & shine to the hair.

Step 3: Conditioner

Smartbond customers can re-inforce the in salon service with Step 3, an at home conditioner that continuously strengthens the fibre week after week, allowing you to keep the outstanding salon result simply at home by using once a week for 1-3 minutes.

Why use Smartbond?

1. Rediscover the shine, evenness & softness of natural hair.

2. Hair fibre will have more bonds resulting in healthy and strong hair.

3. The smart formula leaves hair with a smooth luxurious ceramic feel with a texture that is less swollen & coarse.

  1. Gloved hand adding lighting product


    Step 1

    Mix pre-lightener with oxydant as usual. Add Smartbond Step 1 (8ml) for every 30gr of pre-lightener.

  2. Mixing Smartbond ingredients


    Step 2

    Mix together.

  3. Man applying Smarbond


    Step 3

    Apply & leave to develop as usual. Rinse off. Do not shampoo.

  4. Combing Smartbond through model's hair


    Step 4

    Apply between 4-8 pumps of Smartbond Step 2 Pre-shampoo, depending on hair length, into hair from roots to ends.

  5. Woman having hair rinsed


    Step 5

    Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.

  6. Woman having hair washed and conditioned


    Step 6

    Shampoo & condition with your preferred L'Oréal Professionnel product. To re-inforce the in salon service with Smartbond Step 3.

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