Not quite pink, not quite blond, rose gold hair is a beautiful hybrid hair colour that is one of the most on-trend looks this year. But before you decide to take the plunge and try the rose gold hair trend for yourself, make sure you know if it's the right colour for you by using the Style My Hair App or consulting with your hair colour specialist.


Rose Gold Hair Colour Discover Now

Rose Gold Hair by L'Oreal Professionnel
Rose Gold Hair by L'Oreal Professionnel
Rose Gold Hair by L'Oreal Professionnel

Rose Gold Hair by L'Oreal Professionnel

What exactly is rose gold hair?
Rose gold hair does not come in a one-size-fit-all shade. Red, pink and blond tones are blended together to create a pretty pink with a chic gold shimmer. But the finished result can vary depending on your chosen tones and intensity. With just a touch of red and plenty of blond, for example, the result is a delicate golden peach. If you increase the red hues you'll end up with a vibrant warm rose gold shade, or by adding a touch of blue your colourist will infuse your hair with cool golden-pink hues that show hints of lavender. The choice is yours!

Will you suit rose gold hair?
Because rose gold hair can be blended in so many different ways, your hair colourist can suit all skin tones. The red pigments are responsible for a warm finish, while pink and blue can give a cooler tone. Rose gold hair is particularly flattering, as it can warm up dull-looking blond hair and bring out the healthy glow of your complexion.  Depending on the blend of hues, rose gold hair has a magical ability to look different depending on where you are, as the tones reflect the light, giving you multiple looks in one: from strawberry blond to
sunkissed honey and even light purple.

How can you try rose gold hair?
Because of the expertise required to blend the perfect rose gold shade, a professional stylist is the recommended option. Download the
Style My Hair App if you’re not sure and still want to try Rose Gold hair in 3D video to

Can brunettes get rose gold hair?
While it's more simple for blondes to turn their golden locks into rose gold hair, brunettes can also get in on the trend, however we would recommend consulting with your hair colourist first. Unless you have very light brown hair, you'll need to lighten it, but not necessarily all over. The red hues can be increased to create a warm golden dark rose that works really well on brunette hair, especially when applied in an
ombré or balayage. Alternatively, you could try out cool shades of rose gold on the tips of your hair to show you're always one step ahead of hair colour trends!

Discover the Shimmer Looks

Smokey Silver

Silver is still one of the top searched hair colour results. Try this multi-dimensional smokey silver.


Hair by Lloyd Court, Skyler London

Brunette Blush

 A balayage technique is used to create a beautiful blush result on this brunette base.


Hair by Jordan Massarella, Nashwhite

Dusty Rose

Darker and lighter rose gold tones are used to create this to create this contrasting dusty rose result.


Hair by Nicola Kenny, Toni & Guy, Ireland

Completethe looks

What is the best way to maintain rose gold hair?
Ensuring your rose gold hair stays healthy-looking and long-lasting begins during the colouring process. If you've decided that rose gold is the shade for you, ask your stylist about, a breakthrough treatment applied to hair while colouring that strengthens the bonds and protects the hair fibre. The result is stronger, more naturally voluminous hair and vibrant colour.

The right haircare routine is also important if you want to preserve the luminosity of your new rose gold hair. Experts recommend using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair that won't strip away the new shade, but still cleanse impurities. The Vitamino Color collection from Serie Expert was designed with exactly these needs in mind, and it also includes a nourishing mask (particularly beneficial for lightened hair which can become dry) as well as a leave-in hair spray for detangling and heat protection.

Inspiration for styling rose gold hair
Glamorous waves are always a great way to showcase a stand-out colour, as the light reflects off each curve. We love a modern take on Hollywood waves, featuring rose gold hair styled in cascading glossy waves and piecey ends that add a contemporary edge. One of the most popular hairstyles of the past few years, the long bob is still a firm favourite, especially with a rose gold hair colour. Give yourself a bold and confident look by styling a layered long bob into tousled "I woke up like this" waves. Rose gold hair, the versatile hair colour that's waiting for you to try today!

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