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Long-lasting recharging
hair care programme

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New Re-Create for fine to very fine damaged hair

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Restore & Replump without weighing down

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For a vast majority of women, damaged hair is a daily challenge. Pro Fiber offers a tailor-made in-salon solution for all levels of damage.
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    In salon

    After an in-depth consultation your hairdresser will prepare your hair by applying the appropriate shampoo and giving you a relaxing scalp massage. They will then select a special Concentrate that can only be found in-salon and apply it onto the damaged areas of your hair.

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    In salon

    Next your hairdresser will apply the Renew Masque on top of the Concentrate and massage it into the hair fibre using a professional layering technique to give your hair a renewed look. After your blow-dry your hair will look shiny and feel healthy.

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    At home

    Prolong the smoothing effect of your Pro Fiber in-salon treatment by following the at-home programme. After using the Shampoo and Conditioner or Mask, complete the programme with the Pro Fiber Re-Create Leave-in and enjoy the benefits of your hair being protected against heat. To boost the treatment, on every fourth shampoo substitute the Conditioner or Mask with the Re-charge booster. Leave on for 5 minutes, lather and rinse carefully.

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15 years ofResearch

Patricia Pineau

L’Oréal’s Scientific Communications Director

It's our best ever formula achieved in the field of damaged hair

After 15 years of intense research and 15 patents pending, L’Oréal’s Research laboratories have developed the most sophisticated haircare technology to date: the APTYL 100 molecular complex. By combining Aminosilane with a unique cationic polymer, L’Oréal Research has, for the first time, paved the way to a new generation of long-lasting* haircare. L’Oréal Research has performed numerous tests to demonstrate both the efficacy and durability of APTYL 100.

4 ranges For 4 different hair thicknesses

The Pro Fiber long-lasting haircare programme starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation with our expert hairdressers. They will analyse the hair, checking its thickness, elasticity and see if you have any split ends. Your hairdresser will ask about your current haircare routine and how you like your hair to look when finished. This will help them assess if external factors might cause hair damage, such as heated styling tools, and if you prefer a lightweight or a richer cosmetic feel.

Your hairdresser’s diagnosis will inform which Pro Fiber haircare programme is perfect for you.

*In-salon treatment + Pro Fiber at home + Recharge once a week