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How to Straighten Hair with the Steampod

In 2011 we collaborated with Rowenta Salon Electricals to bring you the Steampod, and now it’s back and better than ever!

Blonde steampod before and after

Frizzy, unmanageable hair? Curls you would like to smooth into glossy long lengths? If you have already tried a hair straightener with no success, or are worried about causing damage to your hair, Steampod (a steam straightener) might be the solution to your concerns.  

What is a steam hair straightener?


A steam straightener is a heated tool with a difference. It may look like a regular hair straightener, but when you press the plates together against a section of the hair, steam is projected from small vents onto the hair in order to straighten hair fibres. This steam works alongside the heated ceramic plates and can make the hair straightening process far quicker, thereby causing less damage.*
*Instrumental test vs classic straightener 


Steam hair straightener vs. Regular hair straightener


The difference between a traditional hair straightener, or flat iron, is about the type of heat and moisture. With a steam hair straightener, as the steam is diffused from the plates, it infuses water into the hair’s cuticles before the heat and pressure smoothes them down. This moisture helps prevent potential damage caused by simply using a hot surface to force the fibre straight.  

The heat from the steam and the inbuilt comb of the Steampod mean you apply less pressure to the hair, and for less time than with a regular hair straightener. As a result, thanks to the steam, the hair looks shinier, fuller, and is less likely to develop frizz and flyaways caused by breakage. 




What is the Steampod hair straightener?

The Steampod was developed by Rowenta Salon Electricals for L’Oréal Professionnel. It is a steam hair straightener that delivers continuous, high-pressure steam onto the hair for a smooth and glossy finish that can last up to three days*. 
Steampod can be used to straighten hair, but also to create smooth bouncy waves and curls. It has five temperature settings, from 140-210°C, making it suitable for all hair types (thinner hair doesn’t require as much heat as naturally thick hair types.) and its flexible anodized floating plates distribute the heat evenly, so you don’t have to worry about tell-tale straighteners’ crimps. 




HOW TO USE STEAMPOD to straighten hair

 Watch how to get super shiny, sleek and straight hair with the Steampod:


Step 1. Apply the Steampod Smoothing Cream to hair after washing. This will help boost its shine and keep it smooth for longer. 

Step 2. Smooth the Steampod serum down the lengths and ends of the hair to seal the cuticles and protect the fibre. 

Step 3. Clip the hair into a bun except for one 3-inch section at the back by the nape of the neck. 

Step 4. Fill up the water pod and turn the Steampod to the appropriate temperature, keeping your natural hair type in mind. Wait for the tool to heat (see the lights on the side for temperature status), hold the plates together to create steam, then release. You’re ready to go! 

Step 5. Using the Steampod comb attachment if hair is tangled, run the Steampod slowly and evenly from just above the roots to the tips. Avoid doing this multiple times, you should only need to run the plates over the hair once (maximum twice) to see your hair relax and smooth out. 

Step 6. Pull the straight hair to one side and loosen a new 3-inch section from your bun. Repeat the straightening process, moving layer by layer up the hair and finishing with the top front sections. 

Step 7. Flip your hair forward and back to give it natural volume, then finish your styling with a little mist of hairspray such as Infinium Pure by L’Oréal Professionnel to ensure high shine and long-lasting hold.  

If you’re unsure about straightening your hair yourself, whether out of fear of damaging it, or because you find the back sections tricky (everyone does!), ask your stylist about the in-salon Steampod service. This is also a good way of deciding whether to take the next step and get one for yourself. You could also try using the Steampod for glossy curls or even tousled waves... the sky’s the limit!




Get bouncy curls with Steampod

Model with blonde curly hair achieved using Steampod
Screenshot of 'how to' curl look using Steamod Youtube Video
Steampod Tool Packshot
Hairdresser using Steampod cream in the palm of her hand

Get bouncy looking curls with the help of our new generation Steampod!

Discover Steampod
Model with blonde curly hair achieved using Steampod