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How to treat damaged hair


This year we launched our fourth Pro Fiber collection, Re-Create. Did you know 71%* of women have fine, flat or limp hair? Re-Create is specifically designed to restore and re-plump fine to very fine damaged hair, without weighing it down

First experience an exclusive consultation with one of our expert hairdressers. They will ask you detailed questions about your current hair care routine. This will help them understand the level of cosmeticity you like to feel from your and how you like it to be styled. Your current routine will give them an initial idea of the level of damage you might already have, which could come from external factors such as heat styling. Finally they will analyse the level of damage to your hair using our Hair Fibre Test.

Pro Fiber Recreate range blue shampoo bottles

NEW Re-Create

Recreate is designed for fine to very fine damaged hair. For hair to instantly appear restored and replumped without feeling weighed down.  Recreate has a combination of  floral notes, with a musky under tones.  


This range is perfect for damaged, fine to medium hair for a revived, healthy look.  Revive has a lemony fragrance with honey tones


The Restore products are ideal for medium to thick, damaged hair for a restored smoothing effect.  Restore has a spicy, floral fragrance of sandal milk. 


Recover is ideal for thick to very thick, damaged hair that need to look stronger.  Recover has a black vanilla fragrance. 

Once you know the range for you, you need to follow a three step-by-step programme to ensure you reveal long-lasting beautiful hair.

Step 1: In-Salon Treatment

After the consultation your hairdresser will apply your chosen shampoo. They will then select a special Concentrate and apply it onto the damaged areas of your hair. This Concentrate can only be found in salon. Next your hairdresser will apply the Renew Masque on top of the Concentrate and massage it into the hair fibre using a professional layering technique to give your hair a renewed look. You can then continue with your chosen blow-dry.

Step 2: Prolong at home

To prolong the beautiful feel of salon hair, continue at home with your prescribed homecare programme. Use the Shampoo as you normally would, however select either the Conditioner or Mask, depending on the level of cosmeticity you want to feel in your hair. Rinse as normal and then apply the Leave-in to your damp hair. Style your hair as usual and enjoy the fresh salon feeling again!

Step 3: Recharge at home

To boost the resurfacing effect of the in-salon treatment, on every fourth shampoo, change the Conditioner or Masque with the Re-charge. Apply and massage into the hair fibre to ensure even distribution. Leave on for 5 minutes and wash out. This keeps your hair looking healthier and feeling more resistant. After 6 weeks it’s time to book your next appointment at your salon and boost your hair again with Pro Fiber.

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